Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Bruce in Cologne Internet Cafe

Hi all!
Day 4 for me.

I read where Claudio Reyna said the US team had a strong lack of World Cup experience on the field in that miserable 3-0 loss to the Czech#s yesterday. He must be on some fancy type drugs, cuz by my count 9 of the starting 11 had WC experience, and 2 of the 3 subs did as well. Where as the Czech team had 0 WC caps between them all.

I have already named the match Der Schtink Bomb. It just sucked in every way. As the match ended I sat in my seat thinking, I traveled all this way to watch this crap? I should probably drop an email to US Soccer and demand they refund my money.

Don't get me wrong, there was a very high quality team on the field last night, it just was not ours. The Czech Republic was excellent, and I told a lot of their fans that after the game.

The trains to and from the match were an ugly, hot sweatz, way overcrowded cattle call. Every time an empty train would show up on the platform the massive crowds would just push and shove, while yelling. I hated every second of it.

I didn't think the stadium was much better either. It was pretty warm in there, although the site lines were great. Their biggest mistake was selling the food and drinks seperately which left the drink line with 200 people in it for every 10 in the food line. Yet both lines had the same number of workers. So much for the myth of German efficiency.

The cities I have traveled to so far have all been great. Frankfurt, Cologne & Gelsenkirchen. Today I am off to London and then Banbury.

The people we have met are excellent, and the sausages you buy on the street are tremendous.

Bye for now!


Anonymous bq said...

Hi Bruce-

Sounds like you are having a mixed feeling in your regards to being there.

Just wanted to share something from the U.S. Soccer blog entry after yesterdays game. I thought it was pretty cool and one of the few bright spots of the match.

Entry #64: June 13, 2:15 a.m. (June 12, 8:15 p.m.)
One shining light in an otherwise dim evening in Gelsenkirchen - the performance of the U.S. fans. Having been to matches all over Europe, and having seen the small but boisterous support for the team in 2002, tonight's crowd was without a doubt the best ever on foreign soil. Estimated by the local organizing committee between 16,000-20,000, the U.S. fans were well-dressed, loud, organized and savvy. Players remarked after the game how they felt like a true team in the World Cup because of the support they received. Obviously with that comes a disappointment with not doing better for the fans; nonetheless, tonight's match demonstrated that U.S. supporters have arrived on the world stage. We were both proud and honored to be a part of it, and U.S. Soccer offers a heart-felt thank you.

6:39 AM  
Anonymous winonanick said...

Good to hear from you Mr Bruce. Sorry for the poor result. I am still jealous you are there, and not me.

9:18 PM  

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