Monday, September 12, 2005

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-I have discovered the problem with Chivas USA. All it took was looking to Guadalajara Chivas for the answers, seeing as they are the mothership and all that crap. And I got an answer quickly. For starters, they can't send anyone very good north, cuz they aint got much down south. And second, actually worst of all, the south team has seriously insulted the soccer gods. I don't mean some minor namby pamby insult either. A death blow should be in order from the gods for this one. Here is the offense: Guade employs a clown to play for them. Yes a literal clown. The circus type. Have you seen their midfielder named Bofo? What a name for a clown. Brilliant. He is bald, so he paints his head. I'm not kidding. He flops around a lot, and has that sad clown face most of the time. And wearing the red and white stripes with the blue shorts has clown uniform written all over it. Best of all, he wears the number 100! Here is pic of Bofo The Clown (it's not very good, but its the best I could find, and you can kinda see the paint on his head). Wouldn't it be cool if he wore oversized bright red shoes?! So having pissed off the soccer gods completely, we now know why Chivas USA is so bad, and why they will surely set the low points record and be named the new "worst" MLS team of all-time once this year ends.
-U17 World Championship begins this week in Peru. Here are the Team USA details (games and roster).
-Our man McBride scored again for Fulham as they tied Newcastle 1-1. Michael Owen did not score, but Carlos Bocanegra tackled him really hard and earned a yellow for his efforts.
-Brian Ching story/history update thingy.
-MLS Weekend Burners (scores, table, goal leader):
Week 24 winners & losers:
New E 3-1 Columbus
KC 0-1 Metro
Dallas 1-2 DC
San Jose 3-0 Chivas
LA 4-1 Colorado
Single table:
51 New England
50 San Jose
44 DC United
42 Kansas City
42 Chicago
38 Los Angeles
37 Metrostars
36 FC Dallas
31 Colorado
30 Columbus
19 Real Salt Lake
14 Chivas USA
Golden Foot:
14 Taylor Twellman
12 Jaime Moreno
11 Landon Donovan
11 Jeff Cunningham
11 Carlos Ruiz
-Glenn Davis lays down the boogie in the Houston Chronicle on how Coach Arena finalizes a team for the World Cup next summer.
-Chelsea is 5-0-0. Damn!
-Looks like Thierry Henry has a pretty bad groin injury and could be out a month to six weeks. Damn again! Les Arse & Les Bleu could be in trouble.
-My Mighty Minnesota Thunder have just finished their worst ever season in professional football. Sad. The coach called it quits after 16 years at the helm too. They finished 10th in a 12 team league. Rough. Here are the 6 teams in the USL First Division who are going to now vie for the league crown. (Montreal are the reigning champs, and they are very good):
Montreal - first round playoff buy
Rochester - first round playoff buy
-Tony Meola still gets his haircut by his dad. No wonder he looks like that.
-Dema Kovalenko and Dallas don't like each other. Shocker! Here is what Dema had to say about Dallas after playing them last Saturday: "I hate this team, man." And what does Dallas coach Colin Clarke think of Kovalenko?: "We've got a history. Mostly because of one player...." Excellent.
-MFL scores & table:
Cruz Azul 5-3 Atlante
Monterrey 1-1 Pumas
Morelia 3-1 Toluca
Veracruz 0-5 Tigres
Necaxa 4-3 Santos
Atlas 2-1 Tecos
San Luis 4-1 Dorados
Pachuca 5-1 Chiapas
America 0-0 Guadalajara
Single Table:
18 Cruz Azul
17 America
13 Tigres
12 Necaxa
11 Pachuca
11 Toluca
11 Monterrey
10 Morelia
9 San Luis
9 Guadalajara
9 Veracruz
9 Pumas
7 Tecos
7 Santos
6 Atlas
5 Atlante
4 Dorados
4 Chiapas
-Rob Hughes on Real Madrids supposed woes & technology: Beep of the future, too late for Real
-The UEFA Champions League group stage kicks off tomorrow. Should be some great matches taking places. Here is this weeks line up and tv viewing in the US (thanks to the legendary
Champions League Match Day 1
PSV v Schalke
Milan v Fenerbah├že
Lyon v Real Madrid
Olympiacos v Rosenborg
Betis v Liverpool
Chelsea v Anderlecht
Artmedia v Inter
Rangers v Porto
Brugge v Juventus
Rapid v Bayern
Arsenal v Thun
Sparta v Ajax
Bremen v Barcelona
Udinese v Panathinaikos
Benfica v Lille
Villarreal v Man United
On TV:
Real Betis v Liverpool - Tue Sep 13 01:30PM Central ESPN2
Villarreal vs Manchester United - Wed Sep 14 01:30PM Central ESPN2
-ADDITION: Taylor Twellman of New England scored 3 in the win over Columbus on Saturday and was named MLS Player Of The Week.


Blogger kj said...

Ugh. I hate the "chip in the ball" idea. I'm a techie, it's true; but I also have a distrust of technology, because I understand how it can malfunction and/or be manipulated.

What would be so wrong with goal line cameras? That seems like a use of technology that isn't as contrived and is much more obvious.

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Kenny Arena said...

Vanna, I'd like to buy a first round playoff.

4:07 PM  
Blogger incendiarymind said...

Chelsea being 5-0-0 isn't as surprising as the fact they haven't allowed a goal yet or that Charlton is 4-0-0 right behind them. The two play this weekend.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Camera's are to slow and need to be reviewed which destroys one of the great things about this game, that is no time-outs and continuos play. One of the reasons that "football" has stayed so pure compared to so many other sports. With a chip it's either over the line or not. The technology is really very simple and the ref will no right away by either a vibrator on his arm or some other alert.

Also, how about Claudio Reyna and his performance with Man City who now sit third in the Premiership.

9:42 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

hey there anonymous - here is my problem with the chip:
to be a goal, the entire ball has to be all the way over the entire goal line
how in the hell is a chip going to tell us that
if they use goal post sensors and stuff like that, then any bump of the posts could send them all out of alignment (like my frickin garage door opener that gets all messed with the slightest nudge to the "sensor")
i just cant see how this will possibly work
but i look forward to being proven wrong

11:56 PM  
Blogger kj said...

Cameras are too slow? I don't understand that statement.

Anyway, I guess it's a decision about what's more important--making sure the call is correct or not disrupting the flow of play. I'm not sure that this kind of sensor technology ensures that the calls are correct, and a large potential exists for the disruption of play by false alarms or disagreements between the officals' eyes and the sensor.

12:50 PM  

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