Tuesday, September 13, 2005

At 11:11 Pacific Time This Evening, I Arrive At The News

-Tonight DC United becomes the first MLS team to try its hand at the Copa Sudamericana. I have no idea how serious they are taking this, or how tough the competition will be, but it is pretty cool that they are even participating. Success in this tournament could be a door into Copa Libertadores. They play Universidad Catolica of Chile home and then away on Sep. 22. You can catch the match on Fox Soccer Channel at 7pm central. Steven Goff, the great Washington Post writer gives a preview: United Still Getting International Feel
-I will be in LA on Wednesday night for the US Open Cup. My Minnesota team will try to beat their 4th MLS team in a row (6-4 over Salt Lake, 4-1 over Colorado, 3-1 over Kansas City - the cup holders). USA Today has a story on our heroes: USL's Thunder roaring past MLS foes in Open Cup
-At the Open Cup game, my seats are right behind the Thunder bench at HDC, so if you happen to be at the game please stop by and say hello. I will be wearing my blue Thunder jersey, with the number 3 and my name BRUCE on the back. The giant red beard is hard to miss too.
-Luis Bueno from The Press-Enterprise in So Cal writes about how the Galaxy are taking the Open Cup match against the Thunder seriously. I am not bragging here (cuz I thought our team would lose the last two Cup matches), but all three previous MLS victims have said this exact same thing to the press.
-I guess South Korea thinks they need a Dutchman to lead their team to more World Cup glory. They named Dick Advocaat (Claudio Reyna's all-time favorite coach) as their new coach.
-Some honest words from a very slippery fellow: "One thing I would have changed (in my tenure) was I would not have brought in David Regis." Steve Sampson, to the Newark Star-Ledger, talking about the failure of France '98. He does not regret the Harkes decision though.
-Last weekends Serie A results:
Palermo 3-2 Inter Milan
AC Milan 3-1 Siena
Chievo Verona 1-0 Parma
Empoli 0-4 Juventus
Lecce 0-0 Ascoli
Messina 2-2 Fiorentina
AS Roma 0-1 Udinese
Sampdoria 3-2 Reggina
Treviso 0-1 Livorno
-Yesterday someone (anonymously) left this comment: "How about Claudio Reyna and his performance with Man City who now sit third in the Premiership." You are right on the money. Claudio was named Man Of The Match in the big 1-1 derby draw with Man U on Saturday. I watched that game with quite a few Man U fans, and I must admit to snickering when City tied it up.
-Cuddly Don Cuddy engages in some Q & A with Daniel Hernandez of the Rev.
-Michael Lewis (a guy with a great ear for the early story) says Sigi Schmid is the front runner for the head coaching job in Columbus, and has already interviewed for that job. When I was in Columbus last week for USA v Mex I talk with some Crew fans who didn't even have Sigi on their short list of desirable coaches. I had him as #1 on the list in my mind for that job.
-There is a good chance that Jason Kries is done for the year after injuring his knee. He had blown out the other one a couple years ago, had major surgery, and is back in form. Looks like he may have done the same thing to his other knee now.
-The Houston Chronicle has been doing a nice little weekly review of MLS, MFL & EPL, with highlights, player of the week, game of the week etc. Smart people are doing it right in Houston with newsprint.
-Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune on Diego Forlan: Forlán reborn in Spanish soccer
-The Phil Ball column: Galicia on the up?


Anonymous leper said...

Have fun in LA dude. Cheer the boys to victory for the rest of us who will be kickin' it at the Kelly Inn. We'll look for you on tv.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Evan said...

Mig, I'll try to stop by. I'll be with the Riot Squad, standing up in Section 138. A meeting of the soccer bloggers!

1:19 PM  
Blogger Tim Froh said...

Yeah, have fun; as a Quakes fan I'm definitely rooting for the Thunder. Isn't Steve Sampson a total ass?

1:46 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

Mig, I think it is a moral imperative that you guys show the LA fans your hot nuts.

2:26 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

i have said it before and i will say it again, i love the galaxy
but they are a distant second to the thunder
and with steve sampson at the helm i pull for them to lose almost all the time
really, i do
aren't i a creep!

hot nuts for the everyone

4:00 PM  

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