Friday, September 09, 2005

UEFA Fantasy Champions League

I attempt to keep my total geekness to a minimum, and had never been involved in any fantasy sports league ever, until last year. Someone I go to Minnesota Thunder games with got me into the Champions League fantasy stuff, and I am hooked. By the end of the season I was a super-pro. #1 in our league, #3 in USA, top 50 in the world. That will all come to a crashing end this season, cuz I am a dude with massive amounts of beginners luck. Once I start to "think" about something, I am sunk. Sunk. Sunk. Sunk. Still, I am gonna give it another shot. My sophomore effort. And I think you should join us. Its really pretty easy, and you can pick any old stupid name you want for your team. Just follow this link, go to Fantasy Football, use this league name: Blue Sky Soccer, and this pass code: 7894-1770. See you at the starting gate, which begins next Tuesday with Matchday 1 of group play.


Anonymous Evan said...

California Republica are in.

Like you, it took me a while to get into fantasy sports, but now I'm in way too deep.

I did win my Euro 2004 league, though.

1:08 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

glad to have you evan
should be great fun

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Miguel said...

I'm in too - FC Soccerfever. You always need a bottom feeder in a fantasy league. :)

Bought three Rangers players, go figure. And not one Galactico. So I might do all right after all. 0-3 down. Absolutely woeful.


3:01 PM  

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