Thursday, May 26, 2005

Tiddly Winks & Newsly Dinks

-PSV midfielder Johann Vogel signed a deal to play next year for Milan.
-Olympiakos are your 2005 Greek League champions.
-You already know about Liverpool. I thought it was a fairly brutal game to watch. The Pool stunk in the first half and most of the second half. Milan were amazing for the entire first 45 minutes, continued that way for the first 10 minutes of the second half, then stunk the place up for about 20 minutes, and were stuck in neutral until the end. I hate PK's to decide a winner too. But ya gotta say it loud: Hail Liverpool! What a comeback.
-Everton signed Welsh midfielder Simon Davies who was with Tottenham.
-Saturdays German Cup final should be a good one as the top two teams in the Bundesliga have advanced to the title match. It will be champs Bayern Munchen against runners-up Schalke. I would like to wish good luck to all those goofy kraut-rockin' bastards!
-Excellent John O'Brien interview in Soccer America by Ridge Mahoney. (I have seen three or four interviews with JOB in the last week or so. I think this is the best one.)
-Stuart Downing got to hurting at practice yesterday and will not play against for England the USA. Sol Campbell will be the England Captain. I would assume that Landycakes will be the USA Captain. Do you think Sol could pick Landy out of a lineup? Yeah, yer right, I don't think he could either.
-Our '02 hero, Brad Friedel, is going to get a contract extension from Blackburn.
-British newspaper The Guardian ran a story today mocking Chicago for having no stories in any of their newspapers on the England team. My words to The Guardian are: Our newspapers will start writing about your team when you start writing about ours. Touche, tata, & toodiloo, you Limey cretins.
-There have been a lot of rumors about DC United shipping out Dema Kovalenko. Here is what coach Peter Nowak had to say about that: "Listen to me: Dema is not going anywhere!"
-Speaking of DC, there was a pretty savage article in the last issue of the New Yorker on Freddy Adu. Seven pages of mostly negativity. Then today the Washington Post writes this scorcher on Freddy & Nowak. Ouch! The kid is fif-frickin-teen. Come on!
-Jonathan Spector is back home from Manchester and is training with the USA senior team, and preparing himself for the U20 World Championship in about a month.


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