Thursday, May 26, 2005

Rankings & Reasonings for Friday May 27

Rankings & Reasonings for Friday May 27
You get 'em a day early cuz I am heading to Chicago for USA's thumping of England. See you after that with some personal highlights.

01 New England - Win looking good. Win looking bad. Get a draw when you are outplayed. Demoralize the other teams every week. Sounds like a clear Number 1 team to me.
02 FC Dallas - I really hope the loss of Mulrooney is not to big for this squad. I really wanna see them play some wild high scoring games this year.
03 Los Angeles - No Landon, No win. Simple as that. Oh, right, then their is that pesky road-game business.
04 San Jose - See, you get rid of the old dead wood in the defense and suddenly you have 3 clean sheets in the last 4 games. Excellent team work boyoyoyoys.
05 DC United - Can Nowak handle the pressure that is starting to build? He has offense galore, but he still has the unknown defense.
06 Chicago - Still boring.
07 Kansas City - Lookin better. Those defenders are starting to cause gas for opposing coaches.
08 Real Salt Lake - Well this is my United States of.....Whatever.
09 Metrostars - "Jeff Parke. Paging Jeff Parke. Please pick up the nearest white courtesy phone. We have last season on the line, and it wants to know if you are an imposter."
10 Columbus - Now Razov is not even playing. This is a hell of a team. Rumor has it that someone is getting cut loose to make room for Chris Henderson. Please don't let it be Manuel Lagos.
11 Colorado - Did you see where Mark Chung ripped 'em as he walked out the door and headed to San Jose where he comes on and contributes to the TEAM immediately!!!
12 Chivas USA - The team stinks, the coach stinks, the fans stink. Their only win was on a dodgy PK. And they actually seem to be getting worse instead of better.


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