Wednesday, May 25, 2005

More Wednesday Blab

Another really busy day for me, so here's the little I have:
-Another one of the unsung journalistic soccer heroes of American newspapers is Mark Zeigler of the San Diego Union-Tribune. He always has good stuff to read weekly. He has a nice bit on the MFL Championship this week.
-MLS Tonite:
Wednesday, May 25
Kansas City v Metrostars
Colorado v San Jose
Los Angeles v Columbus
-Martin O'Neill has called it a day as manager of Celtic. He is going to care for his very ill wife. That is damned honorable if you ask me. The Wee-Man of British football, Gordon Strachan, is going to take over. I feel bad for the Celtic players though, cuz Gordon never learned to take the spoonful of marmite out of his mouth and speak properly. He is funny pretty though.


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