Friday, May 06, 2005

Rankings & Reasonings for Friday May 6

Rank Number & Why:
01 New England - Simply the best. On the road, at home, in the rain, blowout wins, close battles. They have it all. Again I will state that Avery John is this teams achilles right now. They better sort that out soon. The rest of the team is playing some amazing stuff right now.
02 Los Angeles - Great action on both ends of the field. They punk'd Dallas last week, when everyone thought it was going to be epic. One thing to remember, they are doing all this damage during a long home stand at the best home stadium in MLS. Sorry DC.
03 FC Dallas - The mighty bite the dust. Go to LA for a war, and come home bloody. They have 27 more games to sort it out though. No fears.
04 Chicago – Hangin' in there. Get stomped at home by the league leaders, then go on the road to 'lumbus and teach them a lesson. Good job men in red. They have some really exciting young players on this team.
05 San Jose - Um. Why did they trade Steve Cronin to LA? This will come back to haunt them, as Pat Onstad is looking ancient. They don't seem to miss Landycakes up front. I think their true problem is in the coaches box though.
06 Kansas City - More ugly Gansler ball. Come on Bob, release the hounds! You have 'em. Now use 'em. This bunker ball will kill me if you keep playing it. Or I just won't watch.
07 DC United - They have to get it together some time soon, don't they? Well I guess nothing is ever for sure. But this team has way too much offense to be playing boring soccer like this. At least they didn't allow any goals on the road.
08 Metrostars - You win on the road, and score 3 against Joe Cannon and you leap off the bottom of the pile. Did anyone really think they were that bad?
09 Real Salt Lake - Another tie aint so bad for this team, especially against an offense like San Jose. The problem I am starting to see though is that the starting 11 average age is almost 45.
10 Colorado - Weren't they the team that was going to set a new standard for defensive quality? They let a lifeless Mets come to Denver and slap 3 on 'em. Then they put Jeff Cunningham in the game at the last minute and he scores again. I think he has played about ten minutes so far this season and he has 2 goals. Get that dude on the field now!
11 Columbus - What a stink bomb they are. No spirit, no fight, no excitement, no will. NO MAS! Gracias.
12 Chivas - Well, at least they weren't a sieve last week. Only gave up one. But to achieve that they had to play 9 men back all game. This team is in trouble, unless more guys step up and get serious.


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