Monday, May 09, 2005

The News From Lake Nacogdoches

-How brilliant is Clint Dempsey? He reels in another one as The Rev beat Chicago for the 2nd time in 10 days with this unreal goal! The dude has become the Nacagdoces Superman with all these amazing winners. (Wait until the end of the clip for his latest post goal celebration! Last weeks theme was baseball, and this week it's fishing.)
-Tab Ramos on the plight of the Metrostars (from radio interview with Inside Soccer Radio): "The Metrostars organization is one in intensive care. That’'s the only way you can describe it. It’'s not just about playing and results. Teams can go 100 years without winning a championship. There are many of them all over the world. It’'s not winning a championship every few years. It'’s about you getting excited to go to the stadium. It'’s about you having an opportunity as a fan for someone to do something that makes you happy for that day. We have not found too many reasons to go back to the stadium."
-So Chris Klein wears the captains armband for KC this weekend, and what does he do with his leadership roll? He takes a blatant dive in the box and draws a PK. What an idiot. Nice example you set Mr El Capitan! Who does he think he is? Francesco Totti?
-This word has not been spread around much, but Cory Gibbs has a bad hamstring and has not played in two weeks for Feyenoord. That's all we need is another American hurt with less than a month to go before the next pair of Qualifiers. (Beasley & Lewis being the other two of course.) BTW - Feyenoord play at PSV next weekend.
-Wigan gained automatic promotion to the English Premier League by blasting Reading (not featuring Bobby Coney) out of the playoff race. Hello Wigan. Goodbye Reading.
-Lyon NOW have won the French League Un title. Finally. For the 4th consecutive season! Is France the new Scotland? The bad news for Lyon is that their coach, Paul Le Guen, has walked away from the team. I can only assume he has a very big spender on the other end of his phone line.
-Conor Casey's Mainz successfully avoided relegation and secured their spot in the Bundesliga for next year, even though Roy Makaay hit for a hattrick and Bayern beat them 4-2. The other American in Alemania named Kasey (Keller) is close saving his teams skin from relegation. Where would 'Gladbach be without Keller?
-Even though Super Pippo got a game for Milan after a nearly season long battle with injury, it was his team that suffered the real injury with a loss to now #1 Juve. The Old Lady still has something left in her gasatanka after all.
-EVERTON! Who would have put money on them making the Champions League before this season started? Amazing job, considering they sold their best player before the season started, and their second best player during the season. They got a lot of cash for those two, but they didn't run out and replace them. They just played with what they had. Every pundit on the planet figured them as a ripe candidate for relegation not Champions League. David Moyes will probably be named Manager Of The Year in England for the trick he pulled off. (Please shut up about Jose Marinho being MOTY. And while were at it, can somebody shut Jose up too.) Most people would have picked Liverpool, Newcastle, and maybe Middleborough to battle for that spot before the season started. They all choked on their own vomit, especially Newc.
-Chivas USA gets their first win. Only 10,000 showed up to see the game even though the team throws a big Cinco de Mayo bash. Did Coach Rongen save his job for another week by winning. I bet he did. The other question is, "What happens if they don't start drawing crowds to pay the bills?"
-Last week I forgot to mention that CSKA Moskova wrapped up Parma 3-0 at home to advance to the UEFA CUP title match. They are the first Russian team in over 30 years to reach any Euro title match. And in a total heartbreaker - Sporting Portugal scored 2 away goals to AZ Alkmaar's 1 to steal a 4-4 aggregate. The winner came at the very end of the 30 minutes of extra time. What an awful way to lose. So its May 18 and a lucky home game for Sporting Clube de Portugal against PFC CSKA Moskova as the match had already been set for Lisbon at the Estádio José Alvalade for the UEFA Cup Championship of 2005.
-Rob Hughes at the International Herald Tribune has a great story on a kid who is not Freddy Adu: Nurturing protégés in a sport where stars grow up fast
-And lastly, according to that pillar-of-beyond-reproach-reporting-and-London-fish-wrap The Sun, Gerry Houllier thinks UEFA should give Liverpool a Champions League spot for next year, even though they haven't earned it yet.


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