Friday, May 13, 2005

Hello Newslings

-In very exciting news, John O'Brien, the forgotten man of USA soccer has been added to the list of players coming into camp for the 2 World Cup Qualifiers in early June. I hope he sees some action on the field.
-In MFL quarterfinals first-leg action, Santos drew 2-2 at home to America and Necaxa played miserable at home losing 2-0 to Tecos. This puts America and Tecos in great position with the pair of away goals going into their home legs. (I am gonna get some more info on their whole playoffs and lay it out for ya.)
-Last month Fab Barthez was given a three month suspension for spitting at a referee. He appealed the decision, and came away with snake eyes. They not only didn't lower his suspension, but they added three more months to it! Nice work.
-Norman Hubbard has a hilarious look at the 10 WORST signings in England for the his past season. (Sadly, for Reading, Bobby Convey could almost be on that list.)
-Chelsea is being called bad names by Man U over supposed playground bully tactics, raising the rumor mongering up another notch. First Chelsea were said to go after players like Ashley Cole & Rio Ferdenand that are under contract to other teams, and now they are accused of going after youngsters who have already signed transfer deals with other teams. Oh, to be the scourge cuz you have money! (I think the last sentence of the article is also very interesting.) Look, I am not crying foul for the likes of Man U & the Arse, cuz they would do the exact same things if they could, I just think the whole thing is pretty lame for world soccer.
-The Beas wants to play dammit. DaMarcus Beasley is trying to get himself healthy to play against Willem II in the Amstel Cup final on May 29. This is great news.
-Something I find quite entertaining is the fact that the British newspapers print every stupid word that Sven Goren Erickson utters, but have failed to print a word of his interview saying that he thinks the USA will win the World Cup one day soon. Hmmmmmm.
-Now this kicks some ass. Gordon Strachan hands out his 04-05 Wee Gordan Awards. (Demko wants to know why a person would do an awards list for English football, but purposefully leave players from Chelsea, Arsenal, & Manchester United off the list of those eligible)
-The USA U20 team will be playing here in my towns, the Twin Cities, next Wednesday night in a warm up for the World Youth Championships against Canada. Here is the roster.
-Two foreign defenders have signed with the Metrostars. They are Danilo Aparecido da Silva from Brazil & Mamadou Ibrahima Diallo from Senegal. 21 year old left back Diallo comes over from Jeanne D'Arc in Senegal. Da Silva is an 18 year old center back from Ginasio Pinhalense de Esportes Atleticos.


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