Friday, May 13, 2005

Rankings & Reasonings for Friday May 13

Rank Number & Reason Why:
01 New England - Power. Grace. Skill. Luck. Fun. Class. Team. They are playing fantastic on both ends.
02 Los Angeles - The one thing they have in more quantity then any other team in the league is luck. But I have never felt luck was a fluke. You put yourself in a spot to take advantage of luck that comes your way. How many home games do they get to start the season though? Looked a little vulnerable in the back against toothless Colorado. Watch out for a fall from grace.
03 FC Dallas - They drew. But it was on the road, and they scored 3. Not bad at all. But only 4 points in the last 3 games. Is that the sign of greatness?
04 San Jose - Still not there. But being at #4 is pretty good for them. I am not convinced that Dom Kinnear is a good coach though. DeRo may have found an exciting home in the hole behind the front two. He looked great last week. Add him to Mullen, Ching, Davis, Cerritos & Moreno - thats offense.
05 Chicago – Confession: I have secretly always kinda hated them. I have liked many of their players, but I have a secret hatred for the city of Chicago in general. They have some interesting looking young attackers that I really hope bloom: Mapp, Herron, Barrett, Thiago, Rolfe.
06 DC United - Dema is back and so is Brain Namoff. Just in time to help save the defense, which will boost the offense. Look out league, here they come. Maybe.
07 Kansas City - I don't know what to say. Maybe they came into the season overconfident. Or perhaps ol' Coach Gansler is pacing them for the long haul. But they are scoring more, and giving up way more than we are used to seeing.
08 TIE: Chivas & Real Salt Lake & Colorado - The ugly triplets. The first two have a reason. Colorado does not. They need more Cunningham & Peguero like the rest of us need more cowbell. Bring it on. Chivas is looking better, RSL is looking worse.
11 Metrostars - I should never have given them so much credit last week. It was a fluke. They stink. They have no fire, passion, or drive. Who the hell is in charge? Mike Jeffries? No. Ivo Wortmann? No. Tim Hankinson? No. Octavio Zambrano? No. Lothar Osiander? No. Well they sure do play like teams coached by those bums.
12 Columbus - Give me a break. Who is letting this team bury it's head in the sand (or are they burying it in the crappy parking lots at CC Stadium). They should be in the top 3 or 4. Instead they are embarrassing. I never jumped on the "Fire Andrulis Now!" bandwagon before. I am on it now baby! And answer this question: why doen't Buddle & Razov seem to be working?


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