Thursday, May 12, 2005

Todays Blues News

-Congrats to Suprissa for taking their 3rd CONCACAF Champions Cup with a 3-2 aggregate win last night in Mexico City. UNAM Pumas actually won last nights match 2-1, but with Suprissa already holding a 2-0 lead from the first leg, it was theirs to win or lose.
-Cory Gibbs is finally back at training with Feyenoord, but will probably not play this weekend. Hopefully he is ready for Costa Rica on June 4!
-Craig Waibel blew out his knee in practice the other day. Its a bad one too, so his chances of returning this season are not good. He is a handsome man isn't he?
-The biggest news of the day for USA fans is that Eddie Lewis is going to startin training and get himself ready to play in the Championship's playoffs. Now that is really good news.
-England announced their roster for the two games in the US:
G: Scott Carson (Liverpool), Robert Green (Norwich), David James (Manchester City)
D: Sol Campbell (Arsenal), Ashley Cole (Arsenal), Wes Brown (Manchester United), Glen Johnson (Chelsea), Gary Neville (Manchester United), Phil Neville (Manchester United), Matthew Upson (Birmingham)
M: David Beckham (Real Madrid), Michael Carrick (Tottenham), Joe Cole (Chelsea), Stuart Downing (Middlesbrough), Owen Hargreaves (Bayern Munich), Jermaine Jenas (Newcastle), Shawn Wright-Phillips (Manchester City)
F: Peter Crouch (Southampton), Andy Johnson (Crystal Palace), Jermain Defoe (Tottenham), Michael Owen (Real Madrid), Alan Smith (Manchester United)
-I have been having a little chuckle over the people who are angry that England will not be fielding their toppermost of the poppermost squad on May 28 in Chicago. What did people expect. It's a friendly fer cryin out loud. Sure it would be cool to see the ultimate teams line up against each other. But both teams will save their best for June 4 & 8 when the games really count.
-Another player back on the field and working on recovering from injury is Barca's Henrik Larsson. He blew out his knee last fall, and is only in training to get himself ready for the start of next season.
-It's about frickin time. Man City finally gave the head coaches job to interim coach Stuart Pearce. He has led the team on a great charge since he took over the team two months ago. They floundered in Underachieverville the whole time Kevin Keegan was in charge. Now they are fighting for the last UEFA Cup spot.


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