Wednesday, April 20, 2005

News Phlashes

-Doctors finally found out what was wrong with my favorite DC United defender Bryan Namoff. He has a broken rib! For 3 weeks they have been working on the assumption that he had a problem with the muscles in his back, but the injury wasn't getting any better. Now he knows why. He will now probably miss another month of the season. How obvious has it been that he is out of the lineup?!?!
- John Harkes, Tab Ramos and Marcelo Balboa will be this year's inductee's into the US National Soccer Hall of Fame. And here is the list of the rest of the top ten voting (stolen from Big Apple Soccer): 4. Thomas Dooley 72 votes 5. Hugo Perez 62 6. Peter Vermes 57 7. Carlos Valderrama 54 8. Bruce Murray 42 9. Peter Nowak 32 10. Roy Wegerle 31
-Duncan Oughton from the Columbus Crew is going to miss the entire 2005 season trying to recover from the knee injury he sustained last fall. It had not recovered properly, so he has had surgery to transplant some cartilage. Good luck ya ol' Kiwi.
-Another old Frenchy World Cup star, Frank Leboeuf, has been in contact with the Galaxy about playing for them. He currently gets paid a ton of money in Qatar. So why would he come here to play for little? Hmmmmm.
-The Revs have signed Bermuda national team striker Khano Smith from his current club Dandytown. What a great name for a club. It must be named after me and my style! At one time he played in the old A-League here in America for Carolina Dynamo, and has played 15 times for his country. He is 6'4" tall, which means he will probably be a rail thin string bean type guy – maybe like Kanu (but sorry to say, less talented). Speaking of that, why doesn't somebody take a run at a guy like Kanu when the Premiership season ends. WHY NOT!
-Oh Yeah! This is great to see. An article from the LA Times Editorial page: Soccer vs. Fútbol, Galaxy vs. Goats -- L.A.'s Ethnicity as Sport by Andres Martinez
-American soccer is..., a great article by another great soccer writer - Tobias Xavier Lopez from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. This is from the US National Player Assoc website.


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