Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Amstel Cup News From Holland

Today it's Feyenord and Corey Gibbs taking on PSV and DaMarcus Beasley, in the Holland version of the FA Cup, the Amstel Cup.
Here's the action:
Feyenord takes the lead after only 4 minutes.
It's a slug fest for the next 85 minutes.
But on 89 minutes our hero Run DMB slams home is own rebound for the big one to tie it all up.
Regulation ends and they go to extra time.
Will Beasley be a Super Hero today?
Maybe Gibbs will?!?!
First extra periods settle nothing.
PSV pours it on in the second extra period.
Beasley cranks it up another notch going for the winner.
But he and his team just can't break through.
PK's ensue.
Van Bommel makes it 1-0 PSV.
Ono ties it at 1-1 for Feye.
Farfan is stuffed for PSV and its still 1-1 with advantage now to Feye..
Goor hits the bar for Feye, still 1-1.
Park makes it 2-1 for PSV.
Lazovic ties it again at 2-2.
Robert scores for 3-2.
De Graaf blasts it over the bar for Feye, still 3-2, now advantage PSV.
Lucius for the win.....
....and he does it 4-2 to PSV!
Great for them.
As soon as they are ready, you can see all the highlights here at Goalzzz! (special thanks to bluedaddy19 - you are awesome man!)


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