Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The Glue Sniffin' & The News Sniffin'

-Well, my team is out of the Champions League. Inter totally blew the first match (last week), and this week in the return leg, the moronic fans in the stands did the rest of the work in AC Milans victory. Milan scored to make it 3-0 on aggregate, so some frickin idiot throws a road flare onto the pitch which hit Milan keeper Dida! The ref called the match immediately. So that's it. Milan are thru to the semifinals. As for the flare thrower I say, "Jolly good show old chap." Let's see how many games Inter will have to play to an empty house after this incident. I bet its at least 3. What is wrong with Italian fans? Did the Pope's death really upset them that much?
-Pictures: Dida gets hit by flare and then the whole pitch appears to be on fire
-Chelsea is also in the into the semi's. They got the better of Oli Khan and his merry band of butt-ugly German henchmen.
-San Jose Mercury News soccer writer Dylan Hernandez has his own MLS rankings!
-The LA Galaxy is celebrating their tenth season with "A Decade Of Stars". Its a little cheesy, but at least they acknowledge the past. At the site you can vote for an all time LA best 11, the best games, and best goals. Plus other stuff I'm sure.


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