Wednesday, April 13, 2005

You Call That Thing A Pitch?

I watched New England whup-up on Columbus last Saturday night, in the home opener for the Revs. NE looks like they have the strong offense that I thought they were going to show. The draw back was that nasty field they played on. The stadium is a palace, and the football team they share the place with would never even step onto that mess. Hell the football lines from months ago were still showing. Almost all the grass was dead, and every time someone went in for a tackle a dust and sand cloud came flying up. What a joke.
This morning I went to the Rev's web site and found their "Contact Us" section.
I sent them this email:

Hi Revs
Being from Minneapolis, I am not a fan of your team, but rather all of MLS.
I watched your team play last Saturday on Fox Soccer Channel and was horrified by the look of the pitch.
Shame on you!
You should be embarrassed to have that dead cow-pasture looking thing shown on TV. I know winter is just ending, but there is no way you should have a field looking that bad for the season opener.
I think it disrespects your fans who pay money to see the team.
I hope you all are embarrassed by how bad it looked. If I ran the league you would get an earful from me.
That is no way to advertise what looks like a very potent squad.
It's up to you, the club, to make it all as attractive as possible for me the viewer and fan. If you want me to return to view your team you better start making it at least look good.
Good luck with that, and take care.

If I get a response I will share it with you.


Blogger Brian said...

I am a huge Revolution fan and believe me I was upset at the condition of the pitch. The Revs usually have one of the nicest fields in all of MLS.

I'll speculate and say that I know for sure the Patriots like to play on that messy field in the dead cold of winter to slow down other teams. Remember the circus freak show Colts? They have no carpet to run on at Foxboro. And, poor Peyton Manning don't like the cold.

Anyway, the past five years, the Revs have opened up on the road and have had their first home game of the season in late April/early May.

Maybe, the management has been asleep at the wheel. Who knows? But, they did say that the field would be ready for the Revolution match on April 30th.

10:49 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

simon sweet said: "....Maybe, the management has been asleep at the wheel....."

Ya think?!?!?!?!?!
They seem to have been sleep walking for ten years now.
An I love NE's front 5!

11:35 AM  

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