Wednesday, March 16, 2005

A lil Splotch of News

-Bobby Convey is in Colorado from Reading training with the USA prior to the friendly on March 19 vs Honduras. Convey is not getting hardly any action with Reading, which begs the question of why? Reading have not won a game in the 2005 calendar year.
-Former player Greg Lalas has been writing about soccer in America for a couple years now. He was quite annoying when he started out. Usually he just rambled on and on about his extremely bad taste in music (which he thought was glorious taste; see 1980's Pussy-Assed Hair Metal). But Greg has gotten better with each passing month. His latest is a new story on Freddy Adu that brings us up to date on the 15 year old star. Good job Greg!
-I saw a story at the Sports Illustrated web site today about the rise of Chelsea from a consistently mediocre squad to an international powerhouse. The headline read "Blues No Longer Blue". Well of course they aren't blue anymore. Its cuz THEY ARE GREEN NOW! As in cash money! With out the $$ they would not be where they are. Its as simple as that.
-Hey! Guess What! Ramon Ramirez is officially back with Chivas USA. What a shocker! He came back, licking boots, and kissing ass, to save his job. Ok slugger, now get out there and earn it. ($50 bucks says he quits again before the season ends.)
-Fat Sigi Schmid has named his USA U-20 team for a tournament in Suwon, South Korea March 22-26. They will play Argentina, Egypt, & South Korea. You could say that these games are a precursor to this summers World Youth Championship in Holland June 10-July 2, which the USA has already qualified for.
Here's the full USA roster, and who the kid plays for:
Alvarez, Arturo FC Dallas
Barrett, Chad Chicago Fire
Dalby, Greg Notre Dame
Davies, Charlie Boston College
Feilhaber, Benny UCLA
Franklin, Sean Cal State Northridge
Freeman, Hunter Colorado Rapids
Gaven, Eddie MetroStars
Ianni, Patrick UCLA
John, Will Chicago Fire
Kartunen, Andrew Stanford
Kljestan, Sacha Seton Hall
Ochoa, Sammy Tecos
Peterson, Jacob Indiana
Phelan, Patrick Wake Forest
Rogers, Robby Renton SC
Sturgis, Nathan Clemson/Ajax Orlando
Szetela, Danny Columbus Crew
Ward, Tim MetroStars
Westberg, Quentin ESTAC Troyes
That is not a bad team. But there are a few noticable people missing - Jonathan Spector from Manchester United, Eddie "Grown-Ass-Man" Johnson from FC Dallas, and Freddy Adu from DC United being the two most obvious.


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