Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Paulo Wanchope Does Not Deserve This Crap

Paulo Wanchope is the tall Costa Rican striker who has been a serious menace to the USA over the last 5 or 6 years. This year he is playing for the Spanish club Malaga. You know Spain, right, Nice place from what I hear. But it's also home to thousands of goonish racist football fans, and a racist national team Coach too. A bunch of dumb fucks. They have the gall to get outraged when others call them racist. Kinda like the punk ass bitch on my bus yesterday who called some dude a fag, and then got all uppity when I called bullshit on him. And then his sister got in my face too, calling me an ignorant white boy, to which I just laughed. And so did his Mom, telling me to mind my own business. And everyone else on the bus just sat on their collective ass, staring at their shoes pretending nothing was going on. So I had to deal with the Three Dumb Fucks all by myself, cuz the sheep didn't want to get involved. A bunch of pricks, like some fans we know in Spain. So after Malaga's match last Saturday, Wanchope is on the field stretching and cooling down, when a fan in the stands starts taunting him. Paulo ignores it, but the fans continues with the garbage, and then others join in. Paulo is mad now, and he does the wrong thing. He goes over to talk to the fools and ask 'em what their problem is. Of course they get into. Wanchope goes into the stands after them. Which leads to another dude joining in with a bullhorn, calling Wanchope every racist name in the book. Paulo flips out. The cops and security stop it. And now, surprise surprise, Wanchope is in trouble. The team and the cops say they will get the perps etc etc etc. Blah Blah Blah. Heard it all before. I'm sure the Spanish media will say they have no problem with racism at the matches. Like usual. Are we as a whole society going to stand up to this crap, or just sit on our hands and stare at our feet. And I don't mean by just wearing some bracelet that says you care. Paulo Wanchope is not going to put up with it. And neither am I. How about you?


Blogger Brian said...

racism in spanish soccer matches has been rampant of late. although i can understand why wanchope went into the stands, an athelete should never go into the stands no matter how much abuse he is taking.

if someone were physically attacking a family member of his in the stands, then by all means jump in. but as harsh and abusive as racial insults are he's got to brush it off and let officials take care of it.

i know i know. the officials never do anything about it anyway.

12:53 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

i concure
paulo made a mistake
and sadly he will be the only one to pay for it

7:32 PM  

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