Thursday, March 17, 2005

This reminds me of scenes in Apocalypse Now!

I've been watching some of that CONCACAF Champions Cup action. 3 of the 4 teams are set for the semi-finals.
Kansas City is in Costa Rica tonite to take on Saprissa after a 0-0 game last week.
DC United beat Harbor View 2-1 in both matches for a 4-2 aggregate win.
UNAM Pumas beat Olimpia 2-1 last night for a 3-2 series win.
Monterey beat Municipal 2-1 on aggregate after a wild and pretty damn fun to watch 0-0 draw last night.
This was the only one of the three that I actually got to see, and I must say that as nuts as the end to end action was, the constant diving & rolling around in near-death-like-pain (by both teams) was pathetic.
Some injuries were real though. A Municipal player got a nice head wound, and the wrap job they did on his head made it look like he was wearing a turban.
From about the 70th minute onward, there was a constant barrage of fireworks in the stands. Smokebombs, firecrackers, and bottlerockets non-stop.
Max Bretos was calling the game for Fox Soccer Channel and made two excellent comments on the fireworks:
1. "The guy outside the stadium who is selling these fireworks must be making a killing!"
2. "This reminds me of scenes in Apocalypse Now!"
Excellent stuff as always from Max.
The other real highlight of the match was seeing Monterey have not one but two men sent off for hard tackles at the same time in the 84th minute. I have never seen anything like it. And neither player really argued much with the referee either.
Some great stuff all in all.
The next round will feature another home and away series with:
DC - the current MLS champs v Pumas - the defending two time Mexican champs
This should be an excellent matchup
Monterey v KC/Saprissa winner.


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