Thursday, October 15, 2015

Some Soccer News for Oct 15, 2015

Sebastian Giovinco played on Tuesday in Rome for Italy, got on a plane the next morning, flew to Toronto, went straight to the stadium, came on as a sub in the 71st minute and did this!!!! (The goal clinched the teams playoff berth in their miserable 9 year history too)

Here's a slightly longer version:

After 8 years of near total ineptitude TFC finally found the Atomic Ant who has led them to the playoffs for the first time. That means a lot to a city that has clung to a miserable team all these years.

Oof! You know whats kinda funny though, with the Blue Jays making a strong run in the Major League Baseball the city has their attention diverted elsewhere and no one except the die-hards has seemed to notice.

Jozy Altidore on the other hand did all he could to sabotage his team, getting a red card in the 34th minute, while SITTING ON THE BENCH! Word is that he abused the referees so bad that he got sent to the showers. Let see how long his suspension is!!!


Orlando City will place a reserve team in the third division USL next season. No details yet on where they will play or the exact name of the team.
UPDATE: the new team will be known as Orlando City B.
-Lehigh Valley (Philadelphia Union owned club playing in Bethlehem PA,) FC Cincinnati (coached by noted wine connoisseur John Harkes) and Rio Grande Valley FC (in partnership with Houston Dynamo) are already set for the 2016 season in USL.


If you can believe it, qualifying for the 2016 US Open Cup begins this weekend! The 2015 final was played only 15 days ago.


New York Cosmos star Raul will retire at the end of this season.


Speaking of stars, for the first time ever scientist may have found the faintest, slightest, vaguest hint of extraterrestrial life. Perchance. From the Atlantic.


Lets end with a little follow up to the USA loss to Costa Rica:

What the USMNT needs is a dose of humility. By Grant Wahl of Sports Illustrated.

Who was good in the Costa Rica game for the USA? Howard, Evans, Cameron, Woods and Ream. Everyone else was terrible.

The Bird Is The Word


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