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Some News for Wed Mar 3, 2010


Let's all hope that Mark "The Dutch Butcher" van Bommel doesn't maim one of our players today.

Friendly Match & Score:
-Wed Mar 3
Netherlands v USA - 1:30 Central on ESPN2
Venue: Ajax Arena - Amsterdam


Official Team Blog
-Q & A with Jose Torres.


US Soccer reported today that "More than 20,000 tickets sold for USA-Turkey Send-Off game in Philly".
-Great to hear.


And the USA friendly v Czech Rep on Tue May 25 will be played in East Hartford, CT at Rentschler Field at 7pm Central. You will be able to watch it on ESPN. The stadium is operated by the Anschutz Entertainment Group. UConn plays football there.


The current deal expired on Jan 31, 2010, but the two sides agreed to originally extend it until Feb 12, and now a further 13 days to Feb 25.

And now that Feb 25 has come and gone with no new deal being finished, we enter the Twilight Zone.


Frank Dell'apa of the Boston Globe talks to Revs player union rep Chris Tierney about the negotiations.


The KC Wizards official blog gives us some aerial photos of their new stadium construction.
-It's not much to see, but anything like this gets me pretty fired up.


Matches & Scores:
-Tue Mar 2
Brazil 2-0 Ireland in London, England
-Wed Mar 3
Algeria v Serbia
Argentina at Germany
Australia v Indonesia
Cameroon v Italy in Monte Carlo, Monaco
Cote d'Ivoire v South Korea in London, England
Denmark at Austria
England v Egypt
France v Spain
Germany v Argentina
Ghana at Bosnia-Herzegovina
Greece v Senegal
Honduras at Turkey
Italy v Cameroon in Monte Carlo, Monaco
Japan v Bahrain
Mexico v New Zealand in Pasadena, California, USA
Netherlands v USA
New Zealand v Mexico in Pasadena, California, USA
Nigeria v Congo DR
Portugal v China
Serbia at Algeria
Slovakia v Norway
Slovenia v Qatar
South Africa v Namibia
South Korea v Cote d'Ivoire in London, England
Spain at France
Switzerland v Uruguay
Uruguay at Switzerland
USA at Netherlands
-Sat Mar 6
North Korea at Venezuela


Philadelphia Union team president Nick Sakiewicz to the Harrisburg City Islanders team who they just signed a development deal with: “Hang this jersey on your wall and remind your players that we don’t want any more of them going to DC United.”
-See article in MLS News section below.


The date for teams to cut down to the 24 player roster limit was initially Mon Mar 1, but due to the on going collective bargaining agree negotiations the league has delayed the date. No new date is known at this time.


Word from Gillette Stadium is that the New England Revolution will have a new surface to play on this season. It's the latest edition of Field Turf.
-It's kind of like if you stepped on a new less stinkier dog turd.


Marc Narducci of the Philadelphia Inquirer talks to Union headmaster Peter Nowack about potential first 11s.


Penn Live reports on the Philadelphia Union's new development deal with USL-2 team Harrisburg City Islanders. Great move.


Sky Sports is reporting that Ryan Smith has signed with Kansas City. He is an outside midfielder who played for Arsenal as a youth. His last team was Crystal Palace.


Chivas USA's new signing Osael Romero plays the central attacking midfielder role.
-A position MLS is very short on.


Nick Green of the Daily Breeze tells us all about Romero and his Salvadoran background.
-Green has more about Romero on is blog 100 Percent Soccer, and ponders the idea of him having the impact that Maurico Cienfuegos had on the LA Galaxy.


San Jose defensive midfielder Andre Luiz has had a second surgery performed for an unspecified left knee injury. No idea how long he will be out of action.


San Jose starts a week of training at Tottenham's facilities in London on Friday.


Joshua Mayers of Seattle Times does a Q & A with Sounder tech director Chris Henderson.


Soccer 365 with info on Stuart Holden, Shintaro Harada, Ze Roberto, Terry Dixon & Ellis McLoughlin.

MLS EXHIBITION GAMES Sports reports that Philadelphia tied Guadalajara Chivas 2-2 on Sunday, and beat 2nd division team Universidad 1-0 on Tuesday down in Mexico.
-It was probably not the first team for Chivas on Sunday as they had played in a league game the night before.


Chicago is in Guadalajara today taking on Atlas.


DC will be in Torreon Mexico this week to play Santos Laguna on Fri Mar 5.


The tournament kicks back in with 1st leg Quarterfinal matches next week!


The USL has begun posting their countdown of the Top 25 USL First Division players of the past Decade:

#10 Scott Vallow

The question still remains.... Will a member of the Minnesota Thunder make this list?


In case you missed this last week, the U17's played Mexico right before the USA took on El Salvador last week in Tampa, with the USA coming up golden as 4-1 winners. The goals were scored by Kellen Gulley(2), Alejandro Guido & Marc Pelos.


The Bolton News talks to Stuart Holden about starting 2 games in a row, and what comes next.


International Friendly Matches & Scores:
-Wed Mar 3
Netherlands v USA
El Salvador v Guatemala - in Los Angeles CA
Venezuela v Panama
Mexico v New Zealand - in Pasadena CA
Turkey v Honduras


Nigel Reed of the CBC sees 2010 as a big year in Canadian soccer.


David Conn of the Guardian looks at some new rich dudes who would like to try and buy Manchester United from the Glazer family.
-This will not happen until the Glazers shot making money off the team. And that will not be any time soon.
-If these rich guys are so upset about the way the team is being run, then they should have bought the team when it was on the open stock market like the Glazers did.

Check out this funny picture of Man U fans protesting after the Glazer family bought their team. The banner reads "Not for Sale", but these idiots don't that know that things are on the stock market are in fact 100% for sale!


Four Four Two reports that Paris St Germain has voluntarily stopped selling tickets to their own fans for away games. There has just been too much violence, including last weekend at Marseille.


Jonathan Wilson of the Guardian looks at Egypt's successful use of the 3-5-2 formation, so rare on the international front these days.


The Wall Street Journal wonders if the little stutter-step stop and go action on Penalty Kicks should be banned.
-Of course it should, but it won't be. Only the full stop is banned, and that still needs to be enforced more consistently.


Anonymous Bill Urban said...

Wonder if Sakiewicz will give Harrisburg any red plastic bowler hats for Islander Playoff Fever marketing campaigns...

IPF? oh, dear...

4:47 PM  
Blogger Abbie said...

"Word from Gillette Stadium is that the New England Revolution will have a new surface to play on this season. It's the latest edition of Field Turf.
-It's kind of like if you stepped on a new less stinkier dog turd."

That's an idiotic statement. Have you ever even played on Field Turf?

5:21 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

"Have you ever even played on Field Turf?"

i have, and it blows chunks

and every single pro player i have ever talked to hates it! some won't come out and say cuz their team plays on it, but they hate it!

but i don't mind if you think i'm an idiot, i have my moments, this just isn't one of them

9:37 AM  
Blogger Abbie said...

All I know is the Field Turf fields I play on twice a week are immensely better than playing on the poorly maintained or overused grass fields that we used to have in this part of the country.

Sure, top quality grass is the best when it can be kept in good shape, but the reality for a lot of places is that fields are overused or in climates that simply cannot sustain grass in good condition year round.

Fields that are shared are especially vulnerable. While you can argue that we should have venues that are either owned by the club or are not shared by other sports or used for concerts, but saying that Field Turf is not an appropriate surface in such a case is idiotic.

I'll argue as fact that a game on Field Turf is much better to watch or to play on than one played on a patchy grass field torn up from overuse or harder than a rock (such as Robertson in Houston).

10:25 AM  
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