Friday, February 05, 2010

This Is My New Team - NSC Minnesota Stars


This is my new team in the USSF 2nd Division.

Official Website

Lots more details on the name etc from Brian Quarstad at Inside Minnesota Soccer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't want to be a hater. i'm glad my former home has a new team. the name is okay...but i think that logo is hideous. it's like a high school photoshop project circa 1995. it's a shame because i actually thought the last thunder badge was okay.

2:49 PM  
Anonymous Dan M. said...

What is the point in putting established 2010 on the crest? If they're so interested in "tradition" they should have stuck with Thunder. I don't like this one bit. Name, Logo...if they play well i might forgive but otherwise, i don't know

3:45 PM  
Anonymous sasha said...

So many questions:

Why the emphasis on NSC in the name? What does that mean to a fan of the team? It means nothing to me.

Why have the name of the operator of the team in title of the club name?

Why does everything have to be Europe sounding? (I'm assuming that's some of the motivation behind the name right? NAC Breda, NSC, very authentic)

Why have a name the team contest and then ignore the results?

Why have these important stakeholders meetings with the soccer community and then proceed in building the most uncreative, awful name and brand of the bunch and topping it off with a logo everybody seems to hate.

5:17 PM  
Anonymous jtd said...


kidding. wow, that shield. NSC!

2:42 PM  

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