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Some News for Fri Feb 5, 2010


Long time DC, Chicago and Chivas midfielder Jesse Marsch has retired. He is a great person on top of it all. He has a new job already lined up too - USA national team assistant coach to Bob Bradley. Nice move.


England coach Fabio Capello has announced that John Terry will no longer be the captain of their national team.
-The Times of London with the full story.
-And Rio Ferdinand has been given the arm band. Are you kidding me? Shouldn't your team captain at least have a passing glimmer of intelligence?


My thoughts: I like the name quite a bit especially because they are named for the organization who owns them. Less confusion. You can think of the company, the stadium, the huge surrounding facilities and the team all as one - think of one think of all. I am not so in love with the logo and colors, but you can't please everyone. I like things kind of odd, old fashioned and weird anyway, so don't ask me.


-Sat Feb 9
Liverpool v Everton - 6:45am Central - the Liverpool derby
-Sun Feb 10
Chelsea v Arsenal - 10am Central - #1 v #3 in England. For the 2nd week in a row Arsenal gets a shot at a team above them. They need it to go much better than last week's 0-3 1-3 [CORRECTED - Thanks to TK] home loss to Manchester United.


Grant Wahl writes about Eric Wynalda's decision to expose a personal matter that effected the USA World Cup team in 98. And coach Steve Sampson's choice to express his opinions on the matter and how it affected his decision making at the time.


In my opinion saying Harkes could have stayed on the team in 98 and not caused friction with Wynalda is impossible to know. But some are comparing it to England captain John Terry having an affair with teammate Wayne Bridge's girlfriend, and feeling they can both still play on that team. But I see it differently. Wayne Bridge is not nearly as important to his team as Eric Wynalda was to his. The fair comparison would be if Terry had an affair with Wayne Rooney's wife. How would that work out? Not very well, and I doubt Terry would still be on the team.


Did you know that Kevin Hartman is out of contract and not in any preseason training camp. I bet KC low-balled him. They have Louis Crayton in camp with them. He was last seen being hideous for DC. I have heard that Crayton is a quality guy though, so we wish him the best. But, Hartman unemployed? No way.


Columbus Crew fullback Jed Zayner has been blogging from training camp. Really great stuff here, no jock-talk cliches at all. Including word on a new player from Colombia.


And the Crew have announced the signing of Colombian forward Sergio Herrera from Depotivo Cali. He is 29 years old.


Kyle McCarthy of the Boston Herald looks at the big job ahead for the New Eng Revs - rebuilding indeed.


KYW Sports Radio in Philly has audio interviews with goalkeeper Chris Seitz and centerback Dan Califf. Just click on the links to download or listen. Thanks to the team for the heads up.


Philly Soccer News talks to Union coach Peter Nowak about the early days of preseason down in North Carolina.
-Are they getting buried by snow today?


John Haydon of the Washington Times (he's back, see Soccer In America section below) gives us an update on the knee surgery for DC United's Danny Szetela.


New England Rev's media dept sent us this video clip of their rookies talking about week 1 of preseason.


Colorado Rapids have announced a new "Supporters Terrace" at the Dick's Sporting Goods Park stadium. Read all about it. Great idea.
-Too bad they did not include a graphic so we could see what we are reading about.


Brian Forbes of the Denver Post with some words on the Raps preseason start.


The Examiner in Denver has more Rapids preseason kick off info.


The Trinidad & Tobago Guardian reports on DC centerback Julius James having offseason shoulder surgery.


Grahame Jones of the LA Times with an article on Chivas goalkeeper Dan Kennedy who is going to have to beat out Zach Thornton if he wants the starting job.


Jones also writes about new Chivas signing Osael Romero. This kid seems to have a lot of potential.


Jose Romero of the Seattle Times gives us the full run down of who is in Sounders preseason camp.


Soccer 365 with today's latest tales of rumor, or is it fact? Includes mention of Paolo Maldini, Ibad Mahamadu, Rob Valentino & Marcel de Jong.


The 2010 schedule should be announced early next week.


It's really good to see John Haydon back writing about soccer for the Washington Times - he has a blog: Haydon's Soccer Pitch.


The USA U17 team will play Mexico U17 as a precursor to the USA v El Salvador game in Tampa on Feb 24.


Greg Seltzer of Soccer 365 talks to Alejandro Bedoya about life at Orebro, and his first USA cap. What lies ahead.


AFP reports that Portsmouth's newest owner has no interest in running the team, he was simply the holder of the teams loans and was not being repaid so he took the team in return. His plan is to sell the team as soon as possible.


Top Premier League Team Standings (24 games played)
55 Chelsea - Next: Sun Feb 7 v Arsenal
53 Manchester United - Next: Sat Feb 6 v Portsmouth
49 Arsenal - Next: Sun Feb 7 at Chelsea
42 Tottenham - Next: Sat Feb 6 v Aston Villa
41 Liverpool - Next: Sat Feb 6 v Everton
41 Manchester City (22 games played) - Next: Sat Feb 6 at Hull City


Top La Liga Team Standings (20 games played)
52 Barcelona - Next: Sat Feb 6 v Getafe
47 Real Madrid - Next: Sat Feb 6 v Espanyol
39 Valencia - Next: Sat Feb 6 v Valladolid
36 Sevilla - Next: Sun Feb 7 at Zaragoza
34 Mallorca - Next: Sun Feb 7 v Villarreal
34 Deportivo La Coruna - Next: Sun Feb 7 at Malaga


Top Ligue 1 Team Standings (22 games played)
48 Bordeaux - Next: Sat Feb 6 at Rennes
42 Montpellier - Next: Sat Feb 6 at Boulogne
40 Lille - Next: Sat Feb 6 at Nice
39 Lyon - Next: Sun Feb 7 at Toulouse
39 Monaco - Next: Sun Feb 7 at St Etienne
39 Auxerre - Next: Sat Feb 6 at Grenoble
36 Marseille (21 games played) - Next: Sun Feb 7 v Valenciennes


Bayern Munich has signed centerback Daniel van Buyten to a new contract.


Top Bundesliga Team Standings (19 games played)
44 Bayer Leverkusen - Next: Sat Feb 6 at Bochum
42 Bayern Munich - Next: Sat Feb 6 at Wolfsburg
41 Schalke - Next: Sat Feb 6 at Freiburg
36 Dortmund - Next: Sun Feb 7 v Eintracht Frankfurt
35 Hamburg - Next: Sat Feb 6 at Koln


Top Serie A Team Standings (22 games played)
49 Inter (21 games played) - Next: Sun Feb 7 v Cagliari
41 Milan (21 games played) - Next: Sun Feb 7 at Bologna
41 Roma - Next: Sun Feb 7 at Fiorentina
38 Napoli - Next: Sun Feb 7 at Udinese
34 Juventus - Next: Sat Feb 6 at Livorno
34 Palermo - Next: Sat Feb 6 v Parma


The draw for the Group Stage of Euro 2012 will take place on Sunday.


The AP reports that FC Moscow has pulled out of the Russian Premier League due to a lack of funding. Wow.


The Preliminary (Llave) Round is into the 2nd Leg with 12 teams play home and away for the final 6 spots (Ganador) in the 8 groups.

Racing Club joins Cruziero, Juan Aurich & Libertad in advancing to the Group Stage winning Ganador 1.
-The final two teams will qualify next week.


Llave Matches & Scores:
2nd Leg
-Tue Feb 2
Libertad 3-1 Tachira - Ganador 1 - Lib goals by Rodalfo Gamarra & Pedro Velazquez(2). Tac goal by Pedro Boada. - Lib advance 3-2 on aggregate.
-Wed Feb 3
Estudiantes Tecos 1-2 Juan Aurich - Ganador 2 - Est goal by Fredy Bareiro. JA goals by Luis Tejada & Ricardo Ciciliano. - JA advance 4-1 on aggregate.
Cruzeiro 7-0 Real Potosi - Ganador 4 - Cru goals by Wellington Paulista, Thiago, Kleber, Jonathan, Eliandro, Bernardo & Joffre Guerron. - Cru advance 8-1 on aggregate.
-Thu Feb 4
Racing Club 2-0 Junior (2-2) - Ganador 6 - Rac goals both by Liber Quinones. - Rac advance 4-2 on aggregate.
-Tue Feb 09
Universidad Catolica v Colon (2-3) - Ganador 3
-Wed Feb 10
Emelec v Newell's Old Boys (0-0) - Ganador 5


The Group Stage begins on Tue Feb 9.


Jonah Freedman of Sports Illustrated gives us the latest World Club Soccer Power Rankings.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry but I dont buy that its ok to diddle your mates woman if he is not as important as you are.

There are two things you dont do on any team: You dont steal in the locker room and you dont try to bed their mates.
NO matter whether they are first team or substitutes.

8:17 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

i completely agree

6:22 PM  
Blogger Jay said...

Shouldn't your team captain at least have a passing glimmer of intelligence?

The last captain didn't -- why should the new one?

Besides, we all know that Terry is going to "earn it back" just before the World Cup anyhow. This is a bullshit ploy by the FA to weasel out of being in trouble without actually dealing with the problem. Terry should have been kicked off the team completely, and we all know it.

9:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

not to excuse JTs behavior at all, his poor wife, but he had sex with Wayne Bridge's ex-girlfriend, right? i know she is the mother of Bridge's child but weren't they separated at the time? anyways, captaincy is a strange thing. rio is a cool competitor and can get fired up when need be, and who knows, maybe being captain will transform him in a way. i thought gerrard would be better.


1:46 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

To me anyone on the England team would be a better captain than a guy who intentionally skipped a drug test and was suspended 18 months for it.

3:36 PM  

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