Friday, September 18, 2009

Ethan Zohn has sent you a message

Date: 9/18/2009

Subject: Quick Favor from Ethan Zohn

Howdy friends,

I figured out an easy way for everyone to help carry me through this rough time in my life. I was named one of the five finalists of the GQ Better Men Better World Search. If you literally have a minute, please vote for me.

The finalist with the most votes received by 5pm Oct. 7, 2009 will be declared the winner. I'm donating all the prize money to HIV/AIDS, soccer and cancer charities. If you feel motivated and want to help even more, please extend this invitation to help create change.

Thanks for all the support,

Ethan Zohn

Ethan is the mastermind of Grassroot Soccer - "Using the power of soccer in the fight against HIV and AIDS"
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