Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Music from My Bloody Valentine

I thought I would send you all some music today, from My Bloody Valentine, a band I thoroughly enjoyed working with in the early 90's. This is an EP (not a single, but not a full length either) that proceeded their highly acclaimed album Loveless.

There's is an otherworldly style of pop music. The sounds have the harmony of things as upbeat as 70's hit-machines the Beach Boys, Burt Bacharach or the Carpenters, but push the limits of conventional tones and structures. Despite the thick swelling resonance, it also feels really light and uplifting. The production ebbs & flows like the tides in a rocky barren cove, yet in a futuristic, non-earthy, way.

In many ways their notoriety is not in any popularity they achieved, but in the number of artist's around them that they inspire, much like the Velvet Underground did two decades earlier and an ocean away.

I know this music is not for everyone, and some will even find it unpleasant, but I have always found a great affinity for artists who put out a challenge in their music.

This is the Tremolo EP from My Bloody Valentine.

1. To Here Knows When
2. Swallow
3. Honey Power
4. Moon Song

Bilinda Butcher cuts loose on the axe!


Anonymous joe said...

Recent interview with KEXP:


12:26 PM  
Anonymous Joamiq said...

You WORKED WITH MBV??? In what capacity??? I just saw them in NYC a few months ago - unforgettable show. They are legends, no less.

4:12 PM  
Anonymous LibertarianUltra said...

One of the greatest bands ever.

7:04 PM  
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