Friday, June 06, 2008

This is how I roll...on the internet

Bruce first took a shot at me because he thought the name of my blog (The Red Card) was unoriginal. Then he knocked me for not writing about the Fire enough before the 2006 MLS season was about to start. Last summer, he ragged on me about my Jay DeMerit article because DeMerit's story had already been told a hundred times (I don't think Bruce realized my article was about how DeMerit’s story had already been told a hundred times). And yet, I’ve accepted his invitation to guest blog for him. Why?

Because you really can’t take too much personal in this business. And because Bruce could easily beat me up.

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Luis Arroyave—the Chicago Tribune’s soccer writer and Boy Meets World expert. Bruce normally gives you tons of links to the latest soccer news. I don’t have that sort of time, so here are the soccer websites I check out on a daily basis:

Soccer By Ives: If you’re procrastinating (which I do a lot), what’s better than a blog that gets updated almost every other hour. No soccer writer puts more time into their blog than Ives. What I like most about the guy is that he created his own success. He didn’t have a big time newspaper behind him, which meant that he had to work harder for what he has. Respect.

Soccer Insider: This is the only other soccer blog by a journalist that I read on a daily basis. It’s not that I don’t like the other ones out there (I do read them from time to time), it’s just that Ives and Goff are the only ones who have national news.

With Leather: OK, it’s not exactly a soccer website, but they mention soccer a lot on there. The writing is inappropriate, offensive and perverted—which is why it’s probably the funniest site on the internet. Hands down.

The Offside Rules: This one is kind of like soccer’s version of With Leather. In a perfect world, someone would be paying me to write content for a website like this. It’s soccer + pop culture + humor. Oh how I envy you, S.F. I like to know what's going on with the Fire's supporters group. That way if any of them are ever going to jump me in the parking lot after a game, I'll be ready.

U.S. Men’s National Team blog: Even though my blog wasn’t one of the 10 nominated on this site for best blog (not that I remembered that...), I still find myself checking this site out whenever a U.S. game is coming up. Where else can you get behind-the-scenes videos of U.S. soccer players?

The Red Card: Once you get past Luis’ constant whining and his pointless hip-hop references, this Chicago soccer blog isn’t so bad. I just wish he didn’t always have to tell us about his weekends. We get it dude -- you're young, you're single and you go to bars. Now can we please have some Fire updates? Sheesh.

Du Nord: Rather than search for all of the day's best soccer articles and blogs, Bruce puts them on one list for me. And on that note, thanks for linking to my stuff so often, Bruce. Now hurry up and get back to work. These websites aren't going to link themselves.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously, too much self-reference can be annoying.

"Remembering" that Brucio said this or that about you, or that you didn't get nominated for best blog, or giving all sorts of anecdotes about your weekend...that's all kind of over-the-top.

"You" are not the subject, soccer is.

2:21 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

how is that that only people who dont sign their name have no sense of humor, and find everyone else to be overbearing?

luis rules! and he has a great sense of humor! plus he puts up with my crap, so he has to be great

now, you anonymous people can go suck on that

4:11 PM  
Anonymous EricJ said...

I agree with the above. When I baselessly whined about a Dallas comment I at least put my name down!

4:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous is a spoil-sport. Red Card, natch.

Again, Bruce, and all your guest bloggers, thank you!


5:09 PM  
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