Tuesday, November 20, 2007

MLS - San Jose Expansion Draft Player List

With San Jose set to rejoin the league next year, MLS has forced all 13 current teams to leave a certain amount of their contracted players available for San Jose to stock their team with. Insane I know, but always interesting. SJ will be picking 10 players and no team can lose more than 1. This draft will take place, tomorrow, Wed Nov 21 at 10am Pacific time.

Here is a full list of all available players from the 13 teams:

David Arvizu
Desmond Brooks
Bobby Burling
Preston Burpo
John Cunliffe
Jorge Flores
Amado Guevara
Anthony Hamilton
Carlos Llamosa
Rodrigo Lopez
Jason Hernandez
Laurent Merlin
Justin Myers
Ramon Nunez
Orlando Perez
Eder Robles
Erasmo Solorzano
Alex Zotinca

Jon Busch
Michael Banner
Jeff Curtin
Jim Curtin
Floyd Franks
Ivan Guerrero
Diego Gutierrez
Bruno Menezes
Nick Noble
Brian Plotkin
Jordan Russolillo
Osei Telesford
John Thorrington
Daniel Woolard

Jose Cancela
Conor Casey
John DiRaimondo
Dan Gargan
Jordan Harvey
Nico Hernandez
Justin Hughes
Stephen Keel
Jovan Kirovski
Nick LaBrocca
Mike Petke
Brandon Prideaux
Tony Sanneh
Zach Thornton
Clifton Wilmes

Jason Garey
Bill Gaudette
Ned Grabavoy
Leonard Griffin
Andy Gruenebaum
Andy Herron
Ben Hunter
Ryan Junge
Stefani Miglioranzi
Adam Moffat
Brandon Moss
Andrei Pacheco
Andrew Peterson
Rusty Pierce
Jacob Thomas
Ricardo Virtuoso

Denilson De Oliveira
Juan Botero
Andrew Daniels
Michael Dello-Russo
Chris Gbandi
Sandy Gbandi
Clarence Goodson
Scott Jones
Roberto Mina
Dominic Oduro
Aaron Pitchkolan
Bobby Rhine
Dario Sala
Abe Thompson
David Wagenfuhr
Chase Wileman
Alex Yi

Nicholas Addlery
Brian Carroll
Jeff Carroll
Shawn Crowe
Stephen Deroux
Rod Dyachenko
Josh Gros
Guy-Roland Kpene
Domenic Mediate
Jerson Monteiro
Justin Moose
Mira Mupier
Jay Nolly
Brad North
Greg Vanney
Jamil Walker

Corey Ashe
Mike Chabala
Ryan Cochrane
Paul Dalglish
Eric Ebert
Nick Hatzke
John Michael Hayden
Kenneth Hoerner
Jordan James
Pat Onstad
Erik Ustruck
Craig Waibel
Zach Wells
Chris Wondolowski
Stephen Wondolowski

Kansas City
Jose Burciaga
Eloy Colombano
Edson Elcock
AJ Godbolt
Willy Guadarrama
Kevin Hartman
Aaron Hohlbein
Will John
Chris Konopka
Michael Kraus
Eric Kronberg
Amir Lowery
Ryan McMahen
Ryan Pore
Ryan Raybould
Tyson Wahl
Lance Watson

Los Angeles
Steve Cronin
Mike Caso
Lance Friesz
Gavin Glinton
Alan Gordon
Kelly Gray
Kevin Harmse
Kyle Martino
Clint Mathis
Josh Tudela
Peter Vagenas
Kyle Veris
Abel Xavier

New England
Bryan Byrne
Andy Dorman
Gary Flood
Joe Franchino
Miguel Gonzalez
Kyle Helton
Avery John
Brad Knighton
Marshall Leonard
Chris Loftus
Abdoulie Mansally
Sainey Nyassi
James Riley
Willie Sims
Doug Warren

New York
Francis "Grandpa" Doe
Sal Caccavale
Blake Camp
Danny Cepero
Kevin Goldthwaite
Elie Ikangu
Chris Karcz
Jerrod Laventure
Chris Leitch
Mike Magee
Randi Patterson
Santino Quaranta
Markus Schopp
Sinisa Ubiparipovic
Joe Vide
John Wolyniec

Salt Lake
Chris Brown
Kyle Brown
Steven Curfman
Kenny Cutler
Willis Forko
Duke Hashimoto
Christian Jimenez
Jean-Martial Kipre
Dustin Kirby
Ritchie Kotschau
Chris Lancos
Kyle Reynish
Jack Stewart
Jamie Watson
Andy Williams

Andrew Boyens
Nana Attakora-Gyan
Adam Braz
Maycoll Canizalez
Srdjan Djekanovic
Gabe Gala
David Guzman
Tyler Hemming
Andrea Lombardo
Stephen Lumley
Joey Melo
Cristian Nunez
Chris Pozniak
Marco Reda
Kenny Stamatopolus

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And here are the players on that list who surprise me:
-Jorge Flores - Just got called up to the USA U20's and the word on his is that he has some great potential.
-Amado Guevara - I had no idea he was still officially on their roster.
-Ramon Nunez - Traded to get him in mid-season, so I guess Preki was unimpressed.
-Jim Curtin - Looks like his days in the league are all but done. That ended quickly.
-Ivan Guerrero - When not injured he has been very good for Chicago.
-Diego Gutierrez - A real leader in Chicago, and with the retirement of Chris Armas I thought they would keep him at least for in the locker room.
-Jose Cancela - I am not sure who Colorado chose to keep. They seem to have drawn 11 names out of a hat.
-Conor Casey - Looked great near the end of the season when he started to get healthy.
-Nico Hernandez - I have no idea what happened between last season and this, but he was downright dangerous in 06.
-Mike Petke - Colorado's player of the year. Proof they just drew names out of a hat.
-Ned Grabavoy - Many people regard him as a real talent. Frank Yallop shipped him out of LA, so it's doubtful he will be selected.
-Denilson - A flop in Dallas sadly, and I would think that his salary would be too high to pick.
-Chris Gbandi - A multi-year starter at left back, who still has potential.
-Clarence Goodson - I must say this is one of the real shockers to me. Made big strides this season in cutting way down on his mistakes, and making several big plays for his team.
-Dominic Oduro - A real speed guy, who still seems quite raw talent wise.
-Dario Sala - He is beloved by Dallas fans and is the starter in goal, but for some reason he seems to have hit the wall and is headed down hill.
-Abe Thompson - A great depth guy on any team. Always plays very hard, and scores some good goals too.
-Brian Carroll - A starter and potential USA guy not long ago, but fell down the pecking order in DC and seems to be completely expendable.
-Ryan Cochrane - A starter on the best defense in the league, not the best of the Houston back 4, but certainly high quality.
-Pat Onstad - The Houston keeper might be old, but how do you not protect this player?
-Jose Burciaga - Another one who has had some good season and seems to have fallen out of favor with his coach. Hit for 7 goals from the left back spot in 06, but barely started down the stretch run in 07.
-Kevin Hartman - KC gave up a fair amount to get him and now they don't even protect him. An instant starter.
-Steve Cronin - A young keeper who seems to have potential. But LA doesn't seem to want to pay a back up any more at all when Joe Cannon seems to be able to play every game.
-Gavin Glinton - The one player to consistently give LA a boost when he came on the field.
-Kevin Harmse - A total bruiser in the center of midfield, and at times scored a really nice goal or two. Frank Yallop brought him to LA.
-Kyle Martino - A player with that "potential" tag, who is getting to the point in his career where he needs to live up to it.
-Clint Mathis - LA just traded for him, then leave him available. Really odd. In a way you almost hope karma bites 'em and he gets picked. Would you want him on your team?
-Kyle Veris - A young central defender who appears to have some talent, and confidence. Not a bad combo for someone who has not played a whole lot.
-Abel Xavier - A veteran who I could not imagine leaving LA. Would probably leave the league if picked. And how bad are his injuries?
-Andy Dorman - Was the future of the midfield in New England until about a month ago. Barely saw the field late in the season. No idea why. Rumor is he wants out of the Revs.
-Avery John - A decent enough left back that has been a 3 year starter. Another of biggest surprises on this list. I would think his right back counterpart Jay Heaps was more past his sell-by date than John is.
-Adam Braz - A brilliant defender that could start for any team in the world. Why would Toronto leave him unprotected. Oh, right, I was thinking of someone else. This guy is absolutely horrible.


Anonymous Jason said...

Bruce, don't forget that their is some strategy to this. In other words, many of the players who you are so surprised are on the list are veterans with expensive contracts. Teams are taking the risk that San Jose cannot afford to pick ten of these players, at most 3-4. So the strategy is leave a good player vulnerable, cross your fingers, and protect a young prospect who has a very low salary and therefore would be very attractive.

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Eric in Baltimore said...

Too many folks are looking at this like a waiver wire. The truth is that most teams only have a handful of players listed here that they have no plans for in the future.

4:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the main reason why goodson is on the unprotected list is because he is out of contract. which would make him not as attractive to an expansion team.

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Ken said...

Braz is a punk

4:52 PM  
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