Friday, June 29, 2007

Tres Wolfian Diet News

Diego Maradona is staying at the same hotel as Team USA. I bet that makes Diego's buddy Hugo a little anxious.

La Copa America:

USA 1-4 Argentina USA goals by Eddie Johnson. Arg goals by Hernan Crespo(2), Pablo Aimar & Carlos Tevez.
Match report from US Soccer.
Match report by Ridge Mahoney of Soccer America.
Match report from Yanks Abroad.
Match report and player ratings by Jeff Carlisle of Soccernet.
Post-game quote sheet from US Soccer.
Player ratings by Ridge Mahoney of Soccer America.
Post-game analysis by Jen Chang of Soccernet.
Post-game notes by Bernardo Fallas on his Soccer y Futbol blog.
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My thoughts on USA v Argentina:
-The ass kicking that most had predicted was handed out last night. Argentina 4-1 USA. Nothing too surprising. They brought the big guns, we brought a couple of cap pistols. Oof.
-It's odd how I don't find myself too upset about this game, and feel like it means nothing in the big picture.
-Coach Bob Bradley lost for the first time in his 12th game in charge of the USA. His record is now 10-1-1.
-This loss shows again why Team USA needs to play A LOT MORE games out side the cozy confines of the United States.
-Argentina's three subs - Aimar, Tevez & Gago are probably all better than any one the USA has ever produced.
-Ben Olsen was the team last night. The game was over the second he left the field. Many people have been writing that he was tired. But the way he sprinted off the field he didn't look like a tired guy to me.
-It only took 3 minutes for Arg to exploit Olsen's absence and torch the USA for the game winner.
-I am wondering if Kasey Keller is actually 100% healthy. He seems really slow and I would bet that the hip injury that knocked him out of Gladbach is still bothering him.
-The first Arg goal was quite brilliant - all the US players expected a strike on goal from the free kick and pushed up as high as they could, so Riquelme just chipped it over everyone and let it drop into the mess in front of Keller. The Crespo did what he always does. Buries it.
-During the game I could not figure out who the USA captain was. Then I woke up this morning and said to myself, "It must have been Kasey Keller." I just checked and he was.
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du Nord Three Stars of the Game
3. Hernan Crespo - The greatest goal poacher in the world bagged two more.
2. Juan Roman Riquelme – People always pick on this dude and claim he is slow and doing nothing on the field. Well last night all he did was set up 3 of Argentina's 4 goals.
1. Ben Olsen - The only guy from the USA to give it his all and have his all amount to something strong. 1-1 with Captain Caveman on the field, but when he came off the USA got plundered.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Official Team USA blog.
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Game photos from US Soccer.
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The New York Times with a blog covering Copa America - Goal.
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Group stage match schedule - all matches shown live on GolTV:
Tue Jun 26
-Uruguay 0-3 Peru
-Venezuela 2-2 Bolivia
Wed Jun 27
-Ecuador 2-3 Chile
-Brazil 0-2 Mexico
Thu Jun 28
-Paraguay 5-0 Colombia
-Argentina 4-1 USA
Sat Jun 30
-Bolivia v Uruguay
-Venezuela v Peru
Sun Jul 1
-Brazil v Chile
-Mexico V Ecuador
Mon Jul 2
-USA v Paraguay
-Argentina v Colombia
Tue Jul 3
-Peru v Bolivia
-Venezuela v Uruguay
Wed Jul 4
-Mexico v Chile
-Brazil v Ecuador
Thu Jul 5
-Colombia v USA
-Argentina v Paraguay
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Soccernet with a story on the miserable start to Copa America for Brazil.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The anti-Chavez people of Venezuela are being heard. From the AP.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

MLS matches & scores this week:
Thu Jun 28
-DC 4-1 Colorado - DC goals by Christian Gomez, Nicholas Addlery, Fred & Luciano Emilio. Colo goal by Jacob Peterson.
Match report from MLSnet.
Match report by Steven Goff of the Washington Post.
Match report by John Haydon of the Washington Times.
Sat Jun 30
-Dallas v Houston - 5pm central on FSC
-Columbus v New York - 7pm central on HDNet & Direct Kick
-Chivas v New England - 9:30pm central on Direct Kick
Sun Jul 1
-Chicago v Colorado - 6pm central on Direct Kick
-Kansas City v Toronto - 7pm central on Direct Kick
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Steven Goff on his Soccer Insider blog is reporting that DC & Colorado are swapping defenders with Facundo Erpen heading to Denver and Greg Vanney going to the Capital city.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

John Connolly of the Boston Herald talks to New England's Steve Ralston & Michael Parkhurst who have just returned from the Gold Cup.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Buzz Carrick at 3rd Degree with his weekly practice session commentary on FC Dallas.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Dylan Butler of Big Apple Soccer on the Red Bulls acquisition of left back Kevin Goldthwaite.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bob Hunter of the Columbus Dispatch says you can take Crew assistant coach Robert Warczyka off the list of potential disgruntled Eastern Division assistant coach that Soccer America reported on early this week. du Nord made a list of all of them to try and figure out who it might be. Here is Hunter's findings: Soccer America reports there is an assistant coach in MLS' Eastern Conference who is unhappy, which is like saying there is a player on the Indians who would like to play more. After all, there are only seven teams in the conference. So when Crew assistant Robert Warzycha was asked whether he was the disgruntled one, he had a good laugh. "No, it's not me," he said. "(Crew coach) Sigi (Schmid) asked me the same thing."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Adam Spangler at This Is American Soccer does a Q & A with Steven Goff of the Washington Post. Goff is the best soccer regular writer we have today.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

USL First Division matches & scores this weekend:
Thu Jun 28
California 0-1 Portland
Seattle 1-0 Miami
Fri Jun 29
Montreal v Puerto Rico
Rochester v Atlanta - live at 7pm central on FSC
Sat Jun 30
Charleston v Vancouver
Portland v Miami
Sun Jul 1
Montreal v California
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

USL 1D Standings:
25 Vancouver
24 Rochester
22 Seattle
20 Montreal
19 Seattle
18 Portland
18 Charleston
17 Carolina
15 Puerto Rico
14 Miami
13 Atlanta
11 Minnesota
8 California
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Jesse Erdmann at Blue Sky Soccer with this weeks USL First Division Power Rankings.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

American defender Jay DeMerit of Watford posts Part 1 of a road trip story on Soccernet.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The U20 World Cup kicks off this weekend - the group stage games are:
(All games live on ESPNU)
-Sat Jun 30 v South Korea - 3:45pm central at Olympic Stadium in Montreal
-Tue Jul 3 v Poland - 3:45pm central at Olympic Stadium in Montreal
-Fri Jul 6 v Brazil - 6:30pm central at Frank Clair Stadium in Ottawa
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James Edwards at the Deseret Morning News says it's now time for Freddy Adu to make his mark.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ with an article on USA midfielder Michael Bradley.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

USA U20 team blog.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

FIFA U20 World Cup details.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Times of London with a story on new Fulham coach Lawrie Sanchez and his rebuilding of the team.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It looks like the Liverpeople have paid an extraordinary amount to sign Atletico Madrid striker Fernando Torres. I have a bad feeling about this deal.


Blogger Zach Dundas said...

What is it about Olsen? He seems to be getting better with age.

5:37 PM  
Blogger Sean said...

1st: Benny was inspirational. Too bad Gaven spent the first 60 doing bong hits on the bench instead of getting fired up by Olsen's example.

2nd: I'm guessing Torres will do well at Liverpool. He's not soft, scores with both feet and his head, and Rafa has a magic touch with Spaniards, it seems. I'm excited to see the same Liverpudlian backline and engine room with some different strikers, frankly. None of the lot excited me much.

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Pinski said...

As long as Olsen has been healthy he was good for the U.S. team.

For those of us in cities without Univision, don't have GolTv and/or don't want to go out to a pub/bar to watch the US be humiliated, Univision is streaming all of the games [in spanish] on their website:

12:04 AM  
Anonymous Lucky American said...

I love Soccer as well as other games. Tell me, Why do you have a bad feeling about this deal with whay Fernando Torres? You never know, the 'the Liverpeople' (lol) might just have taken the right and Lucky gamble!

3:08 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

my feeling with torres is that he is massively talented but fails to show up in the big games every time i watch him, maybe i just picked the wrong games though, cuz i always used to feel this same way about luis figo

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The US *has* recently played outside the cozy confines of the US. The Gold Cup final in Chicago was a home game for the Mexicans if everthere was one...

1:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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