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Shaka Hislop, Dallas back up goalkeeper, and the new leader of the Trinidad & Tobago players union in a letter to T&T Federation head Jack Warner over a compensation dispute from last summers World Cup: "In all my years as a professional player I have always retained the services of a lawyer to oversee all my negotiations, as I'm sure you have, given your many legal incongruities of late." (see several more stories at the bottom of today's news)

Gold Cup Matches & Scores:
Thu Jun 21 - Soldier Field in Chicago-
USA v Canada - 6pm central on FSC & TeleFutura
Mexico v Guadeloupe - 9pm central on TeleFutura
Sun Jun 24 - Soldier Field in Chicago-
2pm central on FSC & Univision

US Soccer has a Q & A with defender Carlos Bocanegra.

Official Team USA blog.

US Soccer with photos from yesterdays USA training in Chicago.

Frank Dell'apa of the Boston Globe with an article on the Gold Cup tournaments big surprise - Guadeloupe.

Luis Arroyave of the Chicago Tribune, on his Red Card blog, says he thinks Frankie Hejduk will get the start at right back for the USA v Canada. I really hope not. And then Luis has some other stuff too.

Arroyave has a Q & A with USA & West Ham defender Jonathan Spector for the Chi Trib.

USA defender Oguchi Onyewu is rumored to be in negotiations with Birmingham - newly promoted to the English Premiership.

Frank Giase of the Newark Star Ledger with a look ahead to USA v Canada.

Missed this one from last week - Yanks Abroad talks to USA & Columbus defender Frankie Hejduk.

Don Cuddy at Soccer 365 with some Gold Cup insider notes after the USA win over Panama - Donovan gets an award, American Airlines gets in on some Fulham business, Panama gets the old screwgee from CONCACAF on flights during the Gold Cup & more.

Luis Bueno at the Press Enterprise looks at the USA & Mexico so far in this Gold Cup tournament.

An update on Trinidad & Tobago player Anthony Noriega who suffered a head injury in his teams Gold Cup match v USA.

The Chavez government in Venezuela have now banned opposition protests from taking place near any Copa America events. But I will bet you a ton of money that anti-American protests will not be stopped. You watch.

MLS matches & scores this week:
Wed Jun 20
-Columbus v Kansas City - 6:30pm central on Direct Kick
Thu Jun 21
-Houston v Chivas USA - 8pm central on ESPN2

Now they are all lining up to kick the crap out of the English press for denigrating the game here in America:
-Steven Wells said it really well last week in the Guardian. (re-post)
-And LA GM Alexi Lalas takes 'em apart in the Guardian today.
-Then an Englishman on Big Soccer who goes by the name SheffWedFan has this to say.
-Look, I am not delusional enough to think MLS is anything more than a league sitting somewhere between 10th and 15th best in the world, but it's not a joke either.

MLS has named DC forward Luciano Emilio the Player Of The Week.

Tony Sanneh is scheduled to play in the New York Red Bulls reserve match on Wednesday in Salt Lake City.

Metrofanatic go player-by-player through the New York Red Bulls roster and hand out grades on the season so far.

Ives Galarcep of the North Jersey Herald with the first in a series looking at New York Red Bulls youth development.

The Salt Lake Tribune says that one of the few players who has been decent for Real Salt Lake, forward Chris Brown who has 3 goals in the last couple of games, now is out injured with a hamstring strain. It's pouring.

James Edwards of the Deseret Morning News writes that even with a change of coach, nothing much has changed at Real Salt Lake. It's still mistakes, mistakes, mistakes.

Andrew Rogers at Soccer 365 has a Q & A with Real Salt Lake coach Jason Kreis.

Nick Green of the LA Daily News writes about Chivas USA striker, and Cuban defector, Maykel Galindo.

Luis Bueno on his Sideline Views blog says Chivas USA midfielder Paulo Nagamura does have one of those spiffy Brazilian nicknames - Paulinho! And so that's who he is to me now - Paulinho!

X-rays show that Toronto forward Danny Dichio does NOT have a broken bone in his foot, and will be listed as day-to-day on whether or not he can play this weekend.

TFC's new defender Tyrone Marshall is hoping to win an appeal and have his 3 game suspension reduced after a hard tackle, while still playing for LA, broke the leg of Dallas's Kenny Cooper. Fat chance amigo.

Tino Palace with a new episode of The Clean Sheet at MLSnet: In Fox We Trust. Mr. Palace was paid with 2 hemp fishing hats, a six pack of Hamm's, 4 TFC seat cushions (pre-thrown) and a variety pack of Pringles single serving cans. (Perfect compensation when all you really want is some summer outdoor fun.)

The New York Times with a story on the Colorado Rapids PDL team from Boulder who have gone carbon neutral. What's that mean?

Suburban St Louis still dreaming of luring MLS.

Copa Libertadores - Finals (first leg score included):
Wed Jun 20 - second leg
Gremio v Boca Juniors (0-3)

Ken Pendleton at the US Soccer Players Assoc is no fan of the on-air style of GolTV announcer Ray Hudson.

Real Madrid has signed Borussia Dortmund's German defender Christoph Metzelder.

Juventus has signed Italian goal scorer Vincenzo Iaquinta from Udinese.

Four teams have now qualified for next winters Africa Cup of Nations - Nigeria, Cameroon, Angola & Morocco.
-The Finals will be in Ghana from January 20 to February 10.

The Lancashire Telegraph has an interview with the man leading an American investment group that is interested in buying Blackburn Rovers.

Even though it was reported last week that Inter had signed forward David Suazo from Cagliari, Milan now claims that they have signed the Honduran. Drama.

Phil Ball of Soccernet looks at the Real Madrid success and how they got there.

And Ball ends the year in Spain with his La Liga Team of the Season

Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune goes to South Africa with FIFA Pres Sepp Blatter's traveling party to inspect the progress toward World Cup 2010.

This weeks EPL Talk podcast features an interview with Peter Hargitay (special adviser to Blatter) who responds to the allegations made against him and FIFA on the recent EPL Talk interview with investigative journalist Andrew Jennings. Excellent.

The intensity of the conflict in Trinidad & Tobago between players and the nations football federation continues to rise. More and more news organizations are starting to report the story, leading to more questions being asked. Jack Warner the head of the T & T fed, also the leader of CONCACAF, and an executive VP at FIFA finds himself in an uglier spot with each passing day.
The main gist of the story goes like this: Warner promised the World Cup team from T & T a 50/50 split from all profits after the tournament. Of course once the tabulating was completed the Federation told the players they would each be receiving a little less than $6000 dollars. WTF? Most Fed's profited in the millions, if not 10's of millions. So where is the money Jack? When the players protested, the Fed refused to negotiate, and then banned all the players from future play in the national team.
-Trinidad newspaper Newsday wrote a slightly pro-Warner story.
-The biggest T&T paper, The Express, with an article in which Warner responds to allegations by players and calls them "greedy" about 6 times in 3 sentences. It seems as though the word greedy is embedded in Jack's mind. Very Freudian if you ask me.
-The Express then takes Warner to task for his remarks.
-Steven Goff of the Washington Post on his Soccer Insider blog runs a letter sent by the T&T players leader Shaka Hislop to Warner.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

shefield wednesday fan has it spot on, us english can be such dickweeds. mls ain't the best league in the world but i'm not sure epl is either.

it does strike me as weird beckham is going to galaxy and not milan or whoever but i'll get over myself...and grow up.

go the galaxy....

5:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think your USA Blog link is broken.

Thanks for all the hard work, love your blog!

6:20 PM  
Blogger shaj! said...

ray hudson is by far the best and most entertaining soccer announcer we have. him and tommy smyth together wouold be insane.

6:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The guy writing the St. Louis story is not engendering any confidence in me - he calls the league Major Soccer League, twice. If they get a team, I hope someboyd else is covering the games or it'll be "the United", "the Real Salt Lake", or KFC for TFC.

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lalas, at 36, has come a long way from the bearded, guitar-playing wizard. Did all the grunge and madness disappear the day he shaved off his notorious beard? "I cleaned up on the outside but I'm still a mess on the inside.''

Boy did he get the last part right.


8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1) I love Ray Hudson

2) Brucio, or anyone--do you know any site that would list all the MLS transfers done not only this transfer window, but all season as well?

9:22 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

thanks for the heads up on the usa blog link
fixed now

as for mls transfers and details like that
you got me
but one person who might know is the guy who does the amazingly analytical site "climbing the ladder" - you can find the link in my fellow freaks list in the right hand column
let me know if you find anything

thanks everyone
i love you all

8:34 AM  
Anonymous jamesey said...

if you dont like Ray Hudson, you have no soul

9:27 AM  
Anonymous leper said...

Apparently your MLS coaching hot seat was a bit off, as it appears your 3rd choice as of Monday has taken home the glory:


10:27 AM  

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