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Massive Debacle Alert! And you thought the name Real Salt Lake was lamest thing you had ever heard?? Try this one on for size - Arsenal Colorado FC! I am not kidding. The big mystery launch of the new team name and colors was supposed to happen today, "Change Is Coming Feb 1 07" banners had been saying all over the Colorado Rapids website, but something has gone awry and its left as quick as it came. A poster at Big Soccer called fireman451 did manage to get this screen capture of the new site with name and colors on it, before it vanished. What happens now? Wait and see, I guess. But that name ... Holy smokes is that bad.
-Soccer America says the name change is on hold! The new colors will stay though. Maroon and baby blue. Like West Ham in England. Terrible color combo. Just awful. Not as bad as the name mind you, but bad enough. If LA is really ditching the gold with green sash they should snap that up. That's a sharp and unique look.
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Jonah Freedman at Sports Illustrated is reporting that Lew Wolff is very close to finalizing a deal at San Jose State University to build his stadium and reanimate the Earthquakes.
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Hey, check this shit out - James Edwards of the Deseret Morning News writes an actual soccer article about Real Salt Lake. Wow. Like.... they're a team, and all that stuff. Thanks to James. I'm sure he's relieved to actually write about the game instead of the "games".
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The LA Galaxy have released 2 players who just did not live up to expectations - Cornell Glen & Memo Gonzalez.
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Bernardo Fallas of the Chronicle keeps tabs on the Houston Dynamo preseason training - Day 3.
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The Chicago Fire have announced their preseason schedule - the big news is that the team will spend a couple of week training in Spain at the home of Recreativo Huelva (the surprise of La Liga this season). From Matchnight.
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And New England are heading to Bermuda for a third straight year as part of their pre-season. Word from the island says the LA Galaxy will be there too, and the teams will meet on the field. From the Bermuda Royal Gazette.
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Steve Goff of the Wash Post says on his blog, Soccer Insider, that DC United has re-acquired Rod Dyachenko from Toronto. Ok.
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The key word here is SPECULATION: KC Metro Sports has lots of speculation on where the Kansas City Wizards will play this next season. The main body of the story suggests - get this - Arrowhead Stadium! The team better get moving, opening day is about 8 weeks from now.
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A potential owner in St Louis, Jeff Cooper, is just waiting to pounce if things go completely off the rails in Salt Lake City. From the St Louis Post Dispatch.
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Take a look at the seats in the new Toronto Stadium - very cool lookin! (No, not Bob Gansler, I said the seats.)
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The Toronto Sun with a story on former Montreal player and now home town boy Toronto keeper Greg Sutton.
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Toronto has announced the signing of Welsh midfielder Carl Robinson. He has been with Norwich. I think that the teams earlier signing Jim Brennan might have been from Norwich too.
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Team USA had a practice session match v Swedish club Hammarby yesterday, winning 3-0. The USA used a different 11 in each half. Landon Donovan looked strong on a great run up the middle to set up Chris Rolfe for the first goal. Ricardo Clark hit one of his long range bombs for goal #2. And Nate Jaqua took down a long pass, dribbled into the box and hooked a shot to the far post for the finalizer. Hammarby are owned by AEG and spend their winter break training at the Home Depot Center.
-US Soccer has video highlights of the scrimmage (top right corner of the page - just click on the title).
-Yanks Abroad with a short game summary.
-Read the Team USA blog.
-Andrea Canales at LA Soccer News talks to Landon Donovan about his first ever USA cap. It was almost 7 years ago v Mexico! He came on as a sub, scored a goal and set up another. What a start!
~ ~ ~ ~
Mexico has called in everyone for this upcoming game. That means Rafa Marquez, Pavel Pardo, Carlos Salcido & Ricardo Osorio from Europe, in addition to all the big names in the Mexican league including Cuauhtemoc Blanco. I think they want to win. It will be a very sad trip home for them then when they lose.
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The Cleveland Plain Dealer with a little info on the brand new Cleveland City Stars of the USL Second Division.
~ ~ ~ ~
Newcastle have pictures of Oguchi Onyewu training with the team, up on their website now. Will he play Saturday? He is set to travel with the team to Fulham, now we just wait to see if he gets on the field.
-I am really disappointed to find out that the Fulham v Newcastle match will not be on television this weekend.
~ ~ ~ ~
With no new team snapping him up, American forward Conor Casey is stuck at Mainz until the end of the season even though the club doesn't want him.
~ ~ ~ ~
Another German club, Kaiserslautern have signed young American goalkeeper Luis Robles of Portland.
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Let's check on our favorite Americans in Europe and see how their matches went last night:
-Chelsea 3-0 Blackburn - Brad Friedel had the tables turned on him as the opponent got the clean sheet and he gave up 3. Ouch.
-Man United 4-0 Watford - Ugly night for Jay DeMerit and Co. as they got wiped out by the league leaders. They really do look dead and buried at this point.
-Hamburg 1-1 Cottbus - Benny Feilhaber came on as a sub in the 83rd, but this draw saw them drop to the bottom of the league. This also cost coach Thomas Doll his job. I am not sure how he hung on this long after the team finished 2nd last season. But the search starts now for a new manager.
-Hannover 5-0 Hertha - What an odd team Hannover is. They lost 3-0 at Bremen on Saturday, and then turn around and wipe out Hertha last night. Steve Cherundolo returned after a one game suspension to help his team to a big easy victory.
~ ~ ~ ~
Andrew Rogers at Soccer365 does a Q & A with USA & Leeds midfielder Eddie Lewis. Leeds fights the relegation blues.
~ ~ ~ ~
Andrea Canales at LA Soccer News talks to young American striker Charlie Davies who snubbed MLS to sign with Hammarby in Sweden.
~ ~ ~ ~
Manchester City coach Stuart Pearce will now also hold the job of England U21 coach. Can he do both at once?
~ ~ ~ ~
Luis Arroyave at the Chicago Tribune lists his 10 EPL stories to follow for the rest of the season.
~ ~ ~ ~
Copa Libertadores qualifying action:
Last nights scores:
Sporting Cristal 2-1 Club America - America wins 6-2 on aggregate and advance to the group stage.
Blooming 0-1 Santos - first leg
Friday's matches:
Tacuary v Liga Deportivo Universitaria - first leg
Cobreloa v Parana - first leg
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The Dallas Morning News is reporting that Texas Rangers & Dallas Stars owner Tom Hicks is going halvsies with Montreal Canadiens owner George Gillett on a bid to buy Liverpool FC.
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Let's end today by hopping over to the really top notch blog Who Ate All The Pies and checking out this video clip of Portsmouth manager Harry Redknapp. He is doing a tv interview and gets hit with a ball. It makes him really pissed off. He just stands there burning up for a mintute, and then he shoots off an amazing one liner! It's hilarious!


Blogger Zathras said...


Newcastle vs. Fulham will be on Setanta if we can find somewhere to watch it...

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. B -

I have always thought that if I was to wear an English jersey, it would be (assuming Coventry City wasn't available) West Ham Utd. So, the colors look good to me.


8:06 PM  
Blogger Eric Salsbery said...

I actually thought that Red Bull New York ousted Real as the lamest name in MLS.
But you are right Arsenal Colorado out distances all comers in the lamest name ever sweepstakes.

9:06 PM  
Blogger M said...

While the Metro Sports article is speculative, the KC Star has gotten confirmation from Robb Heineman, the Wizards President that they will be at Arrowhead, I link the article in the first post on my blog.

10:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the new uniforms of the Colorado team, but I've never been a fan of the green & gold of the Galaxy.

Brucio, I'm afraid you and I just have different tastes in fashion.

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Matth said...

These red-base uniforms are starting to become ubiquitous. We should rename the MLS Major Red Soccer. Galaxy need to keep their kit as is, or I might just leave for Mexico.

One thing, though, I don't think Arsenal Colorado is as bad a name as many give it credit. Arsenal is named so because the original team was founded by workers in an arsenal in Woolwich. Arsenal Colorado was chosen because their new stadium stands on the grounds of a former arsenal. I don't know if I like it or not, but it's not as groundless as Real Salt Lake.

1:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new colors aren't "like West Ham". they're like "the Colorado Avalanche".

7:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that when Real Salt Lake moves to St. Louis, they won't have to change their logo or name - RSL is RSL don' cha' know...


10:19 AM  
Blogger kj said...

Note to MLS teams:

Quit changing your names and colors.

Thank you.

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Massive spelling alert !

"Debaucle" should be spelled with a "u."

12:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yep, just like the good ole Woolwich Arsenal and Hotspur Football Club.

I guess the fact that a club is using its city and stadium site history to update itself has just whizzed past your head. Just because it says Arsenal in the name doesn't mean it's about the Permiership club. The name Arsenal is in clubs all over the word, from South America to Eastern Europe and several points in between. At least this name has historical significance to the city and team.

12:15 PM  
Blogger Idle said...

"Debaucle" should be spelled with a "u."

Not on this planet, pal.

No takers for Conor Casey? Wasn't Colorado chasing him? Is he not interested in coming back to the US, or is he just opposed to the new kits?

12:28 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

i love how anonymous people are the most snarky

nothing about the colorado mess snuck by me pal
i know the stadium is built at the rocky mountain arsenal
but the name still sucks to high heaven any way you slice it
thanks for reading and commenting though

1:04 PM  
Blogger Idle said...

Not to mention that the "historical significance" isn't exactly all positive. Do a little searching on Google, and you'll find plenty of articles about how the Rocky Mountain Arsenal poisoned the environment around it and made a lot of the workers sick. Not really the best memories to play off for your shiny new team name...

2:19 PM  
Anonymous BDR said...

DCU reacquiring Dyachenko is a good thing. They had no choice but to put his name on the expansion list and hope Toronto took Simms.

He may never be international quality, but he can grow to be a dependable, better than average MLS player.

Which doesn't make this any less of a snore story for anyone but fans of MLS' flagship franchise.

2:24 PM  

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