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Rock N Roll Star News

There are tons of people who's heads are exploding all over the planet asking why Beckham is getting paid $250 million over 5 years to play for the LA Galaxy. Well, let's be factual here. MLS is paying him the league maximum $400,000 per season to play for the LA Galaxy. The rest is being paid by AEG, sponsors and marketers. Not to mention the fact that this dollar amount being shot around is speculative. Lastly I have a strong feeling that this will be a very good business deal for the Galaxy and MLS (and I don't just mean ticket sales), and they will make lots of money off this.

The official MLS David Beckham press release (lots of info).
-Ya gotta love goofy-assed tabloid newspaper The Sun from England. They already photoshopped (badly) Becks into a Galaxy uni.
-Grant Wahl at Sports Illustrated chimes in on what he thinks Beckhams arrival will bring with it.
-If you read Spanish then here is the story from one of Spain's major daily newspapers As.
-How insane do you think the Home Depot Center will be for Beck's first game?
-Ian Plenderleith at the Guardian on the move.
-Marc Connolly for MLSnet.
-Even other MLS teams are feeling the pull of Beckham. Toronto says they got over 500 calls already today asking about his coming to play in their town with LA.
-Sky Sports has an exclusive video interview with Beckham.
-MLS & AEG held a joint press conference that you can listen to. Lots of goodies included here.
-As of a couple hours ago (let's say 2pm central time) the Galaxy have already sold 1000 new season tickets since the story broke this morning! Can you believe that?!
-Hip Hop "star" The Game has now challenged Beckham to a...... I dont know what, maybe a flapjack eating contest.... I know he has challenged him! Excellent.
-There are a million other stories on this topic out there, and you can seek those out if you wish, but I just tried to find some of the more interesting ones.
~ ~ ~ ~
Fulham officially introduced Clint Dempsey this morning.
~ ~ ~ ~
New York has acquired Kansas City's Dutch winger Dave Van Den Bergh in exchange for a late round draft pick. Good move. From the excellent Metrofanatic.
-MF is also saying that NYRB is hunting after Alecko Eskandarian who right now is the property of Toronto.
~ ~ ~ ~
Shawn Mitchell at the Columbus Dispatch with an update on the future of Frankie Hejduk's career. His MLS contract expired.
-Mitchell also says that goalkeeper Jonny Walker will probably retire due to his back injury. That really stinks for him. I liked JW.
~ ~ ~ ~
Glenn Davis at the Houston Chronicle is pimping for the Houston Dynamo to build a stadium downtown.
~ ~ ~ ~
Pete Gratoff of the Kansas City Star talks to USA & KC defender Jimmy Conrad about how things are going at the current Team USA camp.
~ ~ ~ ~
Kurt Kragthorpe at the Salt Lake Tribune says RSL owner Dave Checketts is "an easy person to believe in". Being a massive skeptic on this topic I should probably be the first person to stop a minute and read this story.
~ ~ ~ ~
US Soccer's weblog for the Team USA January training camp.
-Video interview with Landon Donovan!
-New diary entry from Sacha Kljestan.
~ ~ ~ ~
Those USA U20 players have all been piling into Florida to get ready for next weeks World Championship Qualifying tournament in Panama.
-There is a weblog for info from US Soccer.
-4 players on this team will be part of tomorrows MLS draft and they sat down to chat about it.
~ ~ ~ ~
Great story from The Oregonian about a young Liberian kid named Alex Nimo who came to America several years ago, and has knocked em dead with his soccer skills. He was discovered by the late Clive Charles. Nimo just received his US citizenship and started this semester at the US Soccer Residency program in Bradenton Florida. Great story. Thanks to Bob for sending this our way!
~ ~ ~ ~
The MLS Superdraft will be live on ESPN2 starting at 11am central time tomorrow - Friday January 12. Hosted by Allen Hopkins, along with Rob Stone & Eric Wynalda.
~ ~ ~ ~
American striker Conor Casey who is out of favor at his German club Mainz is looking for a new home. GolTV reported last night on American Soccer that he is on trial at RKC Waalwijk in Holland. RKC sit in dead last in the Eredivisie.
~ ~ ~ ~
After the game v the USA on Feb 7, Mexico has more games coming up in the US. Venezuela in San Diego Feb 28 & Ecuador in Oakland March 28. Three more games on US soil will be scheduled later in the year. (I guess they go where the money is.)
~ ~ ~ ~
The Mexican InterLiga tournament wraps up this weekend in LA. The tournament was split up into 2 groups of 4 teams who played a round robin with the top two teams from each advancing. All 8 teams played 3 times during 6 sets of double headers.
-The top 2 teams from each group will play off at HDC on Sun Jan 13. And the winners of those two games will get spots in the upcoming Copa Libertadores. The winning team with the most points will go directly in to group play, and the second winning team will go to a playoff with a team from another country for a group spot. Thanks to Luis for helping clear that up.
-Games in Houston:
Group A:
Monterrey 0-2 UANL
Cruz Azul 3-2 Necaxa
Group B:
Chiapas 2-1 Morelia
America 1-1 UAG
-Games in Dallas
Saturday scores - Group A:
UANL 2-2 Cruz Azul
Necaxa 3-2 Monterrey
Sunday scores - Group B:
Morelia 0-2 America
UAG 2-2 Chiapas
-Games in LA:
Tuesday Jan 9 matches - Group A:
Necaxa 1-0 UANL
Monterrey 1-0 Cruz Azul
Wednesday Jan 10 scores - Group B:
Morelia 3-1 UAG
America 1-0 Chiapas
-Final Games in LA on Sat Jan 13 at HDC.
Necaxa v Chicapas Jaguares
America v UANL Tigres
-You can see all the games on Fox Sports en Espanol.
~ ~ ~ ~
Chelsea continued their idiotic bumbling ways last night and could only manage a 1-1 draw at Wycombe in the Carling Cup. Chelsea even had the lead and gave up a tying goal in the 77th minute. Wycombe plays in League 2. Baffling.
~ ~ ~ ~
Brazil and Milan maestro Kaka writes another piece for This one is about his teams next Champions League opponent Celtic, and a few other things as well.
~ ~ ~ ~
Only a couple big Euro games this weekend:
Lens v Lille - the Derby du Nord!! (If you have Setanta you can see the game delay to Monday morning at 9:30am central.)
Real Madrid v Zaragoza - this is where we find out if Madrid are done and if Zara are big time or not.
~ ~ ~ ~
Lastly today, I would like to give a shout-out to who I believe to be our first reader from China! Hello!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

mls loses clint and gains beckham. net loss in skill?

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look, I'm just as happy as the next guy to see MLS shelling out a little lucre on salaries, but I still don't get the math on dropping a dump truck load of green on one one-legged pretty boy and not spreading it out on a few dozen players in the mold of Carlos Valderama, Piotr Nowak, Christian Gomez, or, heven help me, head cases like Carlos Ruiz and Amado Guevara. Would it have killed MLS to offer Clint Dempsey some real money? I'm baffled, just baffled.

I guess with the endorsements making up the lion's share, and by that it appears to be about 90% of the tab, it was deal too good to pass up for the league. And lord knows Lalas is going to be having nocturnal emissions for at least a month over all of this. But I don't see the level of play being raised, I don't see youngsters getting a shinning example of how to be a player and I don't see a leader that can take LA on his back and lead them to hardware.

Maybe this is just the prelude to some players with real and metaphoric balls. It's been confirmed that Dallas is in negotiations with Edgar Davids, who for my money, is twice the player Becks ever was, and rumors are flying that Chicago is tying to reel in Pavel Nedved (which would be a bigger shock than Mr. Posh landing in LA-LA land). So perhaps more reasonably priced geriatric luster is in the pipe line.

Hell, Chelsea appears to be tired of Shevchenko already, figure DC could pick him up on two-fer-one with Becks?


8:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bad news about Jonny Walker. No more chances to hear a second version of "You just got burned, Jonny Walker!" (DC 6, Metro 2 -- July 3, 2004)

10:52 PM  
Blogger The Manly Ferry said...

Speaking as someone who bit hard on the money equation (since corrected - though I'm still dubious on the overall deal), I'd only add this to the discussion: way to post that clarification at the top of the page. The more we learn, the less it seems like MLS honchos ate crazy pills when signing this deal; the financials aren't bad and it looks like the risk is where it should be.

All in all, I don't question whether this will make people money; it probably will. But I'm not sold on this doing much to help the game over the long haul (though even there, people smarter'n me are making some good points - Jen Chang for instance).

3:08 PM  
Blogger soccer_F1 said...

Awesome summary!

Keep up the good work.

2:39 PM  

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