Tuesday, October 03, 2006

I Do Not See It News

US Soccer President Sunil Gulati humorously spoke yesterday about the search for a new USA coach: "Our coach will be Scolari, Hiddink or Lippi...So Klinsmann is out!"

The USA Honda Player of the Year award will be handed out today (1:30pm central time) in Los Angeles. The three finalists are Clint Dempsey, Kasey Keller & Brian McBride.
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Forward Josh Wolff of the Kansas City Wizards has been named MLS Player Of The Week.
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So how exactly did Mexican forward Jose Manuel Abundis end up playing in New England? Frank Dell'apa of the Boston Globe has the story.
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Michael Lewis of Big Apple Soccer talks to former long-time USA & MLS defender Jeff Agoos about his new job as New York Red Bulls technical director.
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Two really good photos by Tony Biscaia of Matchnight show the high boot by Colorado's Aitor Karanka that caught New England's Jay Heaps in the forehead and led to a penalty kick & yellow card. The first photos shows the foul, while the second shows the resulting wound.
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The Houston Chronicle's Week In Review.
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Soccer Capital News gets Columbus captain Duncan Oughtan to do a pseudo stand up routine and make fun of each of his teammates. It's pretty good.
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The USA has been officially invited to participate in next summers Copa America in Venezuela. This is the bi-yearly South American tournament like the CONCACAF Gold Cup in that it invites countries from outside the region to participate. The USA must now decide if they want to play or not. Copa America will be played June 26-July 15, however the Gold Cup will take place June 6-24, meaning the best Americans in MLS would miss around 2 months of the season which would not be good.
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More and more reports say the USA will name the new coach in late November - I am predicting it will happen right after MLS Cup. Grahame Jones of the LA Times says the list of names is getting smaller.
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Scott French of the LA Daily News also reports on more details from US Soccer Pres Sunil Gulati's speech yesterday.
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Luis Bueno of LA Soccer News was on hand as well, and writes about Gulati's words on Hispanic's in US Soccer.
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Frank Giase's weekly column in the Newark Star Ledger is of course about New York's Jozy Altidore.
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Ives Galarcep of the North Jersey Herald with Jozy fever too.
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Yanks Abroad with a rave report on young LA midfielder Quavas Kirk.
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In the Premiership, 3 Americans took to the field as Watford and Fulham played to a 3-3 draw. Jay DeMerit started in central defense for Watford and went the full 90. Carlos Bocanegra started for Fulham but was pulled in the 53rd minute in a tactical change with his team down 2-0. Brian McBride entered the game for Fulham a few minutes later and started the comeback with a 71st minute goal. Fulham then tied the game and took the lead very late on an own goal, only to have Watford tie it up again a minute later.
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The Times of London have taken my brilliant idea and are beginning to run with it. Yes! What is the idea? When a player knowingly takes a dive and it's caught on video they should be punished after the fact. Just like if you took a swing at someone and the referee didn't see it, but later the league saw video of the incident and laid out a fine or suspension etc. My rule would be that the guilty player gets a retro active yellow card. And if by chance that player already had one yellow card during the incriminating game then they would be suspended just like 2 yellows handed out in the match. They will not be allowed to overturn goals or change plays that took place during the game, but I believe it will stop the divers a lot more than current rules do.


Blogger kebmodee said...

zakora from spurs should get a retroactive yellow for the dive that lead to a PK that won the game.

12:41 PM  
Blogger kebmodee said...


U.S. to receive invitation to Copa America!!!

12:42 PM  
Anonymous bq said...

I was saying that video should be used to punish the player two years ago. Yea, nothing new but it should be done and your right. You can't overturn a goal or a decision in a game. But players have to learn that it will cost them dearly if they cheat in this manner. Can you imagine if this translated into lets say World Cup, where perhaps banning a player for a game would be HUGE. I think this would have taken care of a lot of the diving that went on in Germany this past summer.

1:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the US send two different teams to the Gold Cup and CopaAmerica? A-squad to Copa America B-squad to Gold Cup. It'd be a good way to cap alot more players and give some unknowns a chance to prove themselves.


1:30 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

i dont disagree smatt, but how do you send your b-team to your own regions cup

hell for that matter the past several gold cups has seen the usa b-team

so do we send the c- team?

you cant do that in your own region can you?

2:20 PM  

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