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This Old Rusty Leg Of Mine News

When Colorado Rapids coach Fernando Clavijo was asked who he thinks should be named as new head coach of Team USA he replied: "Clavijo!"
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So BA has a new gig, and he is scheduled to take the sidelines on August 12 when his Red Bulls play the vaunted men of Barcelona. The most excellent soccer blog The Kin Of Fish was on hand at the press conference and has this to say about the event. To which I say, Awesome!
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I have a problem with the two players who MLS Commissioner Don Garber picked for the All Star team. His selections were midfielder Richard Mulrooney of Dallas, and forward Alecko Eskandarian of DC. I think there are many players that deserve to be on the team before those two. For stupid reasons (see previous posts) all the Chivas USA and New England players are unavailable to play in this one. So here is the du Nord list of who should not have been left off:
Kyle Beckerman - Colorado
Jose Burciaga - Kansas City
Ricardo Clark - Houston
Terry Cooke - Colorado
Kenny Cooper - Dallas
Jeff Cunningham - Salt Lake
Mark Lisi - New York
Carlos Ruiz - Dallas
Thiago (aka Flip wilson) - Chicago
Simo Valakari - Dallas
-Are there others I am missing? Do you have a quibble with my picks?
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The St Louis Dispatch says MLS Honcho Donny G made a stop in St Louis to meet with potential team owners.
~ ~ ~ ~
KC Star writer Pete Gratoff got a few minutes with KC owner Lamar Hunt, but very little was learned about the future of the team in terms of ownership and stadiums. Instead Hunt raved about the World Cup.
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There is an odd new twist in the Salt Lake ownership and stadium front. A group says that they are set to meet with team owner Checketts and claim they have a substantial offer to make him.
~ ~ ~ ~
Don Cuddy of Soccer 365 talks to RSL forward Jeff Cunningham.
~ ~ ~ ~
And don't miss a chance to see Jeff Cunningham go thru the entire New England defense and score an amazing goal last Friday night. You also get to see him patting the sideline referee on the head afterward.
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Dallas striker Kenny Cooper looks better and more convincing every time I see him play. His glancing-far-post-header goal against Chicago was truly great. I can't wait to see him get a chance with Team USA.
-Another Dallas player who scored against Chicago, Bobby Rhine, had an excellent goal celebration as he leaped into the traveling supporters section and banged on a drum!
~ ~ ~ ~
Andrea Canales talks to first time MLS attendees who saw the Chivas-LA derby last Saturday, and they liked it. (They thought it might "suck".) From LA Soccer News.
~ ~ ~ ~
The NYNJ Soccer talks to NYRB Haitian striker Jean Philippe Peguero.
~ ~ ~ ~
USA goalkeeper & Manchester United loaneeTim Howard talks to EvertonFC.com about his first training session with his new team.
~ ~ ~ ~
US Soccer has a podcast with U20 coach Thomas Rongen on the current status of his team.
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According to Yanks Abroad, last years top American high school midfielder Jonathan Villanueva is in Amsterdam this week on trial with Ajax. Good luck amigo.
~ ~ ~ ~
DaMarcus Beasley had been scheduled to begin preseason training at PSV on Monday, but was not in attendance due to "private reasons". The team hopes to have him soon, but there were no other words on his arrival time.
~ ~ ~ ~
The bringer of all news Serbian, Sasha, sent me this story about the brand new Serbian national team coach, Spaniard Javier Celemente.
~ ~ ~ ~
Sweden's Henrik Larsson has officially retired from international play. He will suit up this fall for Helsingborgs in his home land.
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As much as I like Inter Milan, I really despise defender Marco Materazzi. And I see France & Juventus defender Lilian Thuram feels the same way.
-Yet Materazzi continues to defend himself by throwing the blame back on Zidane.
~ ~ ~ ~
Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune with a story on Cristian Ronaldo's home government giving him a great award: Madeira bestows a medal for magic - I won't argue with the kids obvious talents, but a lifetime achievement award?
~ ~ ~ ~
Yessiree Bob! The Quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores kicks back in now that the World Cup is over. It's time for the return leg matches!
-Second leg matches (with first leg scores):
Tues July 18 Libertad - River Plate (2-2)
Weds July 19 Internacional - Liga Dep. Universitaria (1-2)
Weds July 19 São Paulo FC - Estudiantes LP (0-1)
Thur July 20 Vélez Sarsfield - Chivas Guadalajara (0-0)
-The away goal rule DOES apply in the knock out stages.
~ ~ ~ ~
The 06-07 Champions League First Qualifying Round return leg matches (with 1st leg scores):
Ekranas (Lithuania) v Elbasan (Albania) (0-1)
Baku (Azerbaijan) v Sioni (Georgia) (0-2)
Sheriff (Moldova) v Pyunik (Armenia) (0-0)
Rabotnicki (Macedonia) v Dudelange (Luxembourg) (1-0)
Gorica (Slovenia) v Linfield (Northern Ireland)(3-1)
Hafnarfjordur (Iceland) v TVMK (Estonia) (3-2)
B36 (Faroe Islands) v Birkirkara (Malta) (3-0)
Apollon (Cyprus) v Cork (Ireland) (0-1)
Aktobe (Kazakhstan) v Metalurgs (Latvia) (0-1)
Siroki Brijeg (Bosnia-Herzegovina) v Shakhtyor (Belarus) (1-0)
The New Saints (Wales) v MyPa (Finland) (0-1)
~ ~ ~ ~
MLS midweek games:
Columbus v New York
Colorado v Chivas
Dallas v UANL Tigres - Wed
LA v Crystal Palace - Wed (in Richmond VA)
~ ~ ~ ~
And the USL First Division All Stars take on English Championship Division's Sheffield Wednesday in Cary NC on Wed. My Minnesota Thunder will be represented by defender Dustin Branan. You can see the game live on Fox Soccer Channel at 7pm central time.


Anonymous Demko said...

That's a good list of MLS all star snubs. Burciaga, in particular, deserves some love. Others: Jeff Cunningham, Seth Stammler, and Brian Mullan.

Why is Nate Jaqua on the all-star team?

4:06 PM  
Anonymous Demko said...

oh yeah. you already said Cunningham.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't understand why you feel Materazzi is to blame, rather than Zidane for the head-butt.

As human beings, we are responsible for our own actions. I've noticed that Europeans traditionally like to blame somebody else when something goes wrong.
But you can't blame the other guy, or the Jews, or Santa Claus, or God.

Being 'angry' or 'offended' is no justification for head-butting someone on the soccer field.

Zidane has revealed his violent nature before---in 2001, he was red-carded in a Champions League match for head-butting another player, and of course, in the '98 World Cup, he was red-carded and suspended one match for stomping on the Saudi Arabian captain.
Zidane has been sent off 14 times during his career.

Perhaps Zidane lacks mental toughness, if he suffers a break-down simply because a guy tells him an insult about his mommy or his sister.

All guys hear that stuff on the playground in junior high.
By the time they're 34 years old, they should be mature enough to just smile and play the game.

Zidane needs to grow up.

8:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought Ching deserved it as much as the other Nats that got All-Star calls, even if only for his pre-WC play.

1:08 AM  
Blogger Zathras said...

I don't think Mig is saying that Zidane isn't to blame. He's just saying that Materazzi is a first rate shit.

8:14 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

i totally agree about zidane
i have said that a million times and so has every one else
what i am pointing out is that materazzi is a thug and a moron and it needs to be said loud
thuram is right - guys like materazzi are nothing but bad for the game and should be dealt with accordingly

more than anything else though, i am trying to come to grips with the fact that materazzi is a hero in italy
i dont get it

but yer totally right
zidane is an idiot
and got what he deserved

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would say that Zidane is the thug and moron, not Materazzi.

Zidane is the one who head-butts people, and stomps on them.

Materazzi just likes to run his mouth---you know, just like a good percentage of players in Europe.
Not surprisingly, Materazzi outsmarted the hot-headed Zidane by baiting him into thuggery.

It's still so unbelievable to me that a 34 year old man (Zidane) had a mental breakdown simply because another player insulted his mommy.

4:50 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

i am an inter fan and watch nearly every single game (the team for whom materazzi plays in case you didnt know - but i am guessing you know exactly who he plays for)
he kicks the backs of legs
he throws vicious elbows
he throws punches
and his level of trash talk is way beyond most everyone else
and his goal is to do this behind the referees back because he knows that he is doing something wrong
yet he wants/needs to get away with it and hopefully bait the opposition into retaliation for which even the slightest nudge sends him reeling with the nearly unearthly pain he has been inflicted

as a fan of inter i am totally embarrassed by this guy and have been for years

my point is not to find innocence in zidane or any one else who retaliates
they are completely guilty
end of story

my point is to get people to understand that materazzi is one of, if not the dirtiest player in all of major world football and has been for years
this was not a one time incident in which materazzi is the victim
this crap goes on every game he suits up

if you choose not to see this or accept this as reasonable behavior then so be it

9:05 AM  

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