Sunday, June 11, 2006

hum a little hasselhoff tune for our boys news

The Minnesota Thunder was victorious last night, winning 4-1 in a chippy match against Miami FC.
A good pregame read is yesterday's Quote Sheet: Bruce Arena and Claudio Reyna Address the Media in Gelsenkirchen
Take your pick of the 2,351 features on the US team today. Here are a few of note:

A Waking Giant: US Soccer Comes of Age - Der Spiegel
Out of the Shadows, Group E profile - Der Spiegel
US Enters the Great Unknown -
US Seeks to End Losing Streak

And some profiles of the competition:

A Revolution on the Pitch
- Der Spiegel
Cech, The Man To Beat -

And a few match previews:
Match preview - NY Times
Match Preview - Washington Post

Stuck at work? Live updates from Du Nord will ensue!
A look at Sam's Army from the Houston Chronicle
How will Bruce line-up our boys? Some have suggested a 1-5-3.
Brian Ching reports of taking 13 stitches in the head after a collision in practice. That's a lot of stitches, and a lot blood.
From the False 45th, its Kasey Keller, Marcus Hahnemann and Ryan Maxfield hanging out with the band Tool, of Tool videos fame. Here's a fun game, guess which ones are rock stars, which ones are in Tool, and which one is Kasey Keller!
World Cup trends: Quality rises when the sun goes down.
Over half-way through the Australia-Japan match, and this article, about the pressure put on officials to call out Australia, has taken on a lot more weight after Japan's foul-smelling goal.

Update: Justice prevails as Australia take 2-1 3-1 lead.
Even in defeat, Iran can't shake its politics like Germany can't shake its past and England can't shake its more provocative fans.
The Poles are catching some deserved heat.
Maradona's silent and confusing protest, or not.
On a lark, I was looking for Hasselhoff news from the World Cup and learned that German star athlete Dirk Nowitzki hums a Hasselhoff tune when he shoots free-throws, with 90% accuracy!
Profile of Italy's Totti
MLS Roundup

The Chicago Fire opened their new stadium with a 3-3 draw against the Revolution

FC Dallas 2, Chivas USA 1

Galaxy 1, United 1
Roy Keane has announced his retirement from football because of injury.
Too many transactions from Europe to recount on this sheet of white paper.
Look for Wolf in stands by finding the Dark Cloud flag or the 1st Minnesota Volunteers banner. He is en beard.


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