Sunday, June 25, 2006

Home Of The Hamburger

Sitting on some side street near the train station in Hamburg on a very hot Sunday morning.
We watched the Argentina v Mexico game last night in the old fish auction house. It is a massive 3 story building with table chairs and a big screen for all the action. Poor Mexico.
The city was trulz insane last night with Germany having won. We watched that match in a little Italian place where they made sure we were not German before letting us in. They were in for a surprise after we left though, cuz we put a "Diving Italians" button on our table, hidden amongst the bottles, when we left. I nice little gift from us!
In every city you see tons of people where shirts from their favorite teams that you could easily forget how it might look like when the World Cup is not going on.
Adios, Bruce


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