Friday, April 28, 2006

Bone News

Our main man Grant Wahl at Sports Illustrated gives us the low down on our hero Bruce Arena! And believe me when I tell you that this is no short little blurb. This is the real deal in-depth article that all us geeks love. I suggest you go straight to topic No. 8, and see how Javier Aguirre felt losing to the USA in WC 02. Priceless Mexican Whining!
~ ~ ~ ~
Big Phil Scolari says NO to a deal with England as their next coach. I think he knows how much bullshit comes with that job cuz of the English newspapers, so he asked for a ton of cash to take job, and they turned down his request. Now the search either goes back to the slag heap or the drawing board.
~ ~ ~ ~
Kinda stolen from Lance and twisted by me into the real news on Big Phil: Introducing the new 2007 Chrysler Scolari! Plenty of room for a family of 4, and especially Big enough for the head-room needed by Brazilians named Phil. But no room onboard for a sack of potato heads. The promotional roll out on this new product will be intensely exciting.
~ ~ ~ ~
Git yer asses outta bed tomorrow mornin'! Chelsea v Manchester United at 6:30am central time on the Fox Soccer Channel. Chelsea needs just 1 point to win the Premiership. Man U does not want it to be on their watch. I bet Chelsea would love to rub Man U's nose in it. Someone is not going to get what they want.
~ ~ ~ ~
El Dee - ESPN had an online chat with our little Landy Donovan yesterday. Check it out now. Thanks to the Zath for the link.
~ ~ ~ ~
(REVISITED) In this Q & A with the latest New York Red Bulls Managing Director, Marc De Grandpre from NYNJ Soccer, MDG kicks aside the idea of a retractable roof being built on top of Red Bull Park with a simple "No"!
~ ~ ~ ~
Nice story in the Columbus Dispatch about Crew youngster Kei Kamara of Sierra Leone who left that country to avoid the brutal ugliness of civil war.
~ ~ ~ ~
Last week the student newspaper at Pomona College in suburban LA, "The Student Life" ran an article pointing out why soccer is popular for only a small faction of Americans (mostly newer immigrants) and will never reach beyond that hole. It did not bash the game, but I hated it just the same, and did not link to it here cuz I thought the author was an idiot who could not see the big picture. Today though "The Student Life" posted a great letter to the editor from a New York City guy that nailed a perfect rebuttal. The type I would love to write but get too carried away emotionally to pull off. This is some great reading. MANDATORY.
~ ~ ~ ~
Tune in chief:
MLS week 5
Saturday April 29
Salt Lake v Los Angeles - 3pm on ESPN2
DC v Dallas - 6:30 pm on Direct Kick
Columbus v KC - 6:30pm on HDNet
Colorado v Houston - 8pm on Direct Kick
Chivas v New York - 9pm on Direct Kick
Sunday April 30
New England v Chicago - 2pm on Direct Kick
~ ~ ~ ~
Steven Goff of the Washington Post covers DC United as good as any local newspaper writer covers any team in America: Undefeated United Is in Sync
~ ~ ~ ~
Ives Galarcep talks to USA & Man U backup keeper Tim Howard. This should be interesting (but isn't all that).
~ ~ ~ ~
The semi-legendary Bob Ryan at the Boston Globe has swooped down to write something about New England forward Taylor Twellman's chances of going to Alemania.
~ ~ ~ ~
Marc Connolly at the US Players Assoc has a Q & A with New England keeper Matt Reis.
~ ~ ~ ~ talks to nearly-ancient nearly-legendary LA midfielder Cobi Jones, the most capped man in America.
~ ~ ~ ~
FC Dallas' new left midfielder/defender Marcos Charras of Argentina got his work visa approved in time to play in a reserve league match this weekend.
~ ~ ~ ~
What the hell is going on with NYRB's supposed star Amado Guevara? Have you asked yourself that? I have. Michael Lewis asks Amado to answer that question himself, for the New York Daily News.
~ ~ ~ ~
Soccer America has a kinda cool article on the medical/physical training staff behind Team USA.
~ ~ ~ ~
And Soccer America's always quality read - MLS Confidential.
~ ~ ~ ~
Robert Wagman of the Soccer Times has listed his 23 man USA WC roster. He and I have been exchanging emails over the past 24 hours cuz I disagree with him on some of his ideas. I love the smallness of soccer in America where we can have some fun and exchange our thoughts.
~ ~ ~ ~
Luis Arroyave of the Chicago Tribune talks to the Fire's Chris Armas about yet another long road back from injury.
~ ~ ~ ~
NYNJ Soccer has a chat with Chivas USA fat-lipped keeper Brad Guzan.
~ ~ ~ ~
The story in Salt Lake City on how a new stadium will be built seems to change every single day.
~ ~ ~ ~
New England Soccer News says that Jose Cancela expects to start in the midfield for New England v Chicago on Sunday, and then to open his mailbox in the next few days and see his Green Card inside. He is now an official USA resident. Hooray Jose. Hooray USA. Hooray Beer.
~ ~ ~ ~
The race for a Italian Serie A league scudetto is most definitely on! Juventus has blown a big season long lead that is now down to 3 points over Milan with 3 games left to play. Here are the two teams matches this weekend (each has two more matches to play after these):
Milan v Livorno
Siena v Juventus
~ ~ ~ ~
Michael Owen is supposed to take the field for Newcastle on Saturday against Birmingham. He broke his foot back in December and hopes to be ready for the World Cup.
~ ~ ~ ~
Barcelona can win La Liga this weekend if they beat Cadiz and 2nd place Valencia does NOT beat Alaves.
~ ~ ~ ~
Another Sports Illustrated guy - Gabrielle Marcotti - looks at the leaders behind the 2 Champions League finalists.
~ ~ ~ ~
French Cup final on Saturday
Olympique Marseille v Paris St Germain at the Stade de France.
~ ~ ~ ~
German Cup Final on Saturday
Eintracht Frankfurt v Bayern Munchen at Berlin's Olympiastadion
~ ~ ~ ~
Champions League - Le Grande Finale
The Royal Arsenal FC of London England v FC Barcelona of Spain
May 17 at le Stade de France in Paris
~ ~ ~ ~
UEFA Cup Semifinals have been played. Here is the result:
Middlesbrough 4-2 Steaua (0-1) - The Boro storm back at home scoring 4 unanswered to overcome Steaua's 3 (including two extrapowerful away goals). Steau scored one in the first leg and got two more to start this match, making it 3-0 on aggregate after only 24 minutes. But Middlesbrough dug way down deep to conjure up 4 huge goals. What a come back. Dica & Goian scored for Steaua, with Viduka, Riggott & two from Macarone including the clincher in the 89th minute for the English. Wooooooow, as Shep Messing would say.
Sevilla 1-0 Schalke (0-0) - Seville believed in miracles and got one in extra time to end the 180 minutes of 0-0 soccer. Antonio Puerta got the winner to put them thru to the final.
-The Sevilla v Middlelsbrough final will be May 10 in Eindhoven.
~ ~ ~ ~
La Copa Libertadores 2006 round of 16 first leg matches are done! Here are those scores & next weeks deciding second leg games:
April 27 - Newell's Old Boys 2-4 Vélez Sarsfield
May 3 - Vélez Sarsfield v Newell's Old Boys
April 27 - Nacional 1-2 Internacional
May 3 - Internacional v Nacional
April 26 - River Plate 3-2 Corinthians
May 4 - Corinthians v River Plate
April 26 - Palmeiras 1-1 São Paulo FC
May 3 - São Paulo FC v Palmeiras
April 25 - Estudiantes LP 2-0 Goiás EC
May 4 - Goiás EC v Estudiantes LP
April 27 - Tigres UANL 0-0 Libertad
May 4 - Libertad v Tigres UANL
April 25 - Liga Dep. Universitaria Quito 4-0 Atlético Nacional
May 2 - Atlético Nacional v Liga Dep. Universitaria Quito
April 26 - Chivas Guadalajara 3-0 Independiente Santa Fe
May 2 - Independiente Santa Fe v Chivas Guadalajara
-Sport Illustrated with the Thursday match recap.


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