Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Post-Surgical News

Hi, glad to be back with y'all.
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USA v Latvia May 28 in Connecticut????? Looks like it's true. See the bottom of this page.
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Houston 1836 is now Houston Dynamo. Whatever. How are we even supposed to respond to that. It's as dumb as DC United & Real Salt Lake. A fake soccer name. Let's see what the people who actually cover this team have to say:
Bernardo Fallas for the Houston Chronicle.
Andrea Canales for Soccernet.
Houston Soccer.
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And speaking of team names. Is Metrostars gone too? You heard these rumors? Red Bull wants to buy the team and call 'em, uh, Red Bull. Or something like that. Wow. Read more:
Ives Galarcep of the North Jersey Herald
Frank Giase of the Newark Star Ledger
Michael Lewis of Big Apple Soccer
Kristian Dyer of NYNJ Soccer
Thomas Fina for NYNY Soccer
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You know what's pretty funny about the MLS Goal Of The Decade that was scored by Carlos Ruiz. It wasn't even the best nominated goal scored by Carlos Ruiz! Hahahahahaaaa, uh, yeah. Not that funny really. This goal that won was good, but come on people, get your act together.
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Luckily for all of us, KC & USA defender extraordinaire Jimmy Conrad is back to help us kick our lives into shape! Personal note to Jimmy: See in a couple weeks, and, yer a frickin genius!
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Yanks Abroad talks to New England's Clint Dempsey about playing for a club in Europe.
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This story about potential new stadium locations around Kansas City is from last week, but still very relevant, and actually quite exciting - 6 suburbs have offered up 16 potential sites.
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Don't miss out on Buzz Carrick's annual spring trip to Europe with FC Dallas for 3rd Degree. He travels with the team each preseason to cover them for fellow fans, and really does an incredible job of making us all jealous. He is already on Day 5 of the journey.
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A whole slew of Americans are returning from injuries in Euro to good results. The timing is pretty excellent too. Here is a quick rundown:
Capitano Claudio Reyna played 80 some minutes for Manc City on Saturday in their 2-1 win over Stumblerland.
Conor Casey played 15 minutes of sub time for Mainz in the Bundesliga. Those were his first minutes of the entire 05-06 season.
Cory Gibbs played another 90 for ADO Den Haag reserves. Will he see the field for the first team on Saturday??
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Kyle McCarthy of the US Players Assoc. divine's a list of 10 players to watch in MLS this season.
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Arjen Robben = Pussy.
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Michael Ballack skipped out on Bayern's Champions League match today to fly to Chile and meet with his new teammates at Cobreloa.
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The excellent Phil Ball writes about disposed Real Madrid El Presidente Florentino Perez: The last emperor
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Hey Mick McCarthy! How ya doin'? Don't let the door hit ya on the ass on the way out of Sunderland. It was nice seein' ya around for a year or two though. You gonna go have coffee with Roy Keene then? Bet he's havin a lil snicker isn't he. That bastard. Now that ya got this free time on your hands, maybe you should get your nose straightened. Wadda ya think?
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3 from Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune: In France, the kids learn to fight political battles - and - Battle of London has global flavor - and - Corruption without borders in Belgian scandal's China link
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So I see where Seppy Blatter is bitching about the way ticket sales have been handled by Germany for the WC. I am still trying to figure out his problem. Here is his general complaint: Germany imbedded chips into tickets so only the people whose name is registered can use the ticket to get into the stadium. What is wrong with that? Seppy also does not like the lottery system that has been used for distributing tickets. Yeah, I have found this to be a drag too, but mainly cuz I didn't get any, and long time supporters weren't given priority over relative amateur's like myself, and even more casual fans. Seppy now says that FIFA will sell all tickets to South Africa 2010. I think I know what the deal is though. He didn't get any kick backs this time. In the past the ticket brokers, and package sellers got easy access to tickets thru FIFA and then Sepp and his buddies got wads of cash stuffed down into their jacket pockets in return. But the German way is more random and transparent. Hence Sepp's buddy Jack Warner down in Trinidad got busted for this lil scam. Seppy does not want anymore more of this above the board nonsense for next time. If there is any extra profit to be milked from the World Cup he wants himself and his pals to benefit, not someone else. UEFA president Lennart Johansson, who always dogs Blatter, gave the German ticket sales a big thumbs up! Natch!
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I am glad the April 11 USA v Jamaica soccer match sold out real quick down in The Triangle of North Carolina. But don't pat yourselves on the back too hard. The place only holds 8000.
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Do any Spurs fans read this here du Nord thing? I never hear from you if you do. Anyway. Norman Hubbard writes about the good and bad of Tottenham. Are they for real this year, or the usual pretenders: Glory, glory or same old story?
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NYNJ Soccer talks to MLSnet's Mr First XI Jeff Bradley.
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Then they talk to USA & Metro wunderkid Josi Altidore.
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And speaking of Jeff Bradley, he talks to Chicago kid striker Chris Rolfe for this weeks First XI.
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Grahame Jones of the LA Times predicts an unhappy run for the USA at the WC.
~ ~ ~ ~
Soccer America feature on USA assistant coach Glen Myernick.
~ ~ ~ ~
How did it go for Columbus during their recent preseason stint in Cyprus?
~ ~ ~ ~
Soccer365's Andrea Canales also writes today about the All New Chivas USA!
~ ~ ~ ~
If you can believe this, Robert Wagman claims that some European Soccer people are seriously looking at the MLS business plan as a future idea.
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New England flew to San Jose Costa Rica yesterday in preparation for the big Champs Cup match on Wed v La Liga.
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Nick Green at the Carson Daily Breeze previews LA v Saprissa for the same Champs Cup.
~ ~ ~ ~
This weeks 2nd leg Champions League Match's with previous leg scores listed:
Villa 1-1 Rangers - 3-3 on aggregate with Villareal advancing on 2 away goals to Rangers 1.
Juve 2-1 Bremen - 4-4 on agg with Juve winning on 2 away goals to Werders 1.
Barca 1-1 Chelsea - Barca win 3-2 on agg.
Lyon v PSV (1-0)
Milan v Bayern (1-1)
Arse v Real (1-0)
Liver v Benfica (0-1)
Delayed until Tuesday March 14
Inter v Ajax (2-2)
And here is my squad for the Fantasy League:
Cesar - Inter
Hyypia - Liverpool
Arruabarrena - Villareal
Carragher - Liverpool
Ronaldinho - Barca
Juninho - Lyon
Garcia - Liverpool
Kaka - Milan
Ibrahimovic - Juve
Cruz - Inter
Shevchenko - Milan
~ ~ ~ ~
As for TV viewing of the Champions League....well....it's a mess. ESPN2 is not showing games live because of their commitment to the World Baseball Classic going on the same time. So they are showing delayed games each day:
Barca v Chelsea on ESPN2, Tuesday at 11:30pm central - same day delayed
The Arse v Real Madrid on ESPN2, Wednesday at 11:30pm central - same day delayed
You can also see a delay of the Milan match, via Fox Soccer Channel as part of their Milan Classics series
Milan v Bayern - Thurs Mar 9 at 6pm central - delayed one day
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Looks like Michael Ballack is all but signed for one of the Dynamo's: Moskva, Kiev, or Houston. You get to pick. Vote now at www.whereshouldmichaelballackplayouthislastdaysinshame.com
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The CONCACAF Champions Cup 2006 2nd (return) leg matches are Wednesday March 8. See 'em on Fox Soccer Channel.
Saprissa v Los Angeles - tied 0-0 - 8pm central live
Alajuelense v New England - tied 0-0 - 10pm central same day delayed
Toluca v Olimpio - Toluca leads 2-0 - 3pm central live
America v Portmore - America leads 2-1 - 1am central same day delayed
Note: They do NOT use the "away goals count double to break ties" rule. So all ties are settled with PK's after extra periods are played.
~ ~ ~ ~
Copa Libertadores Group stage!! This week’s matches and scores:
Mar 07
Chivas Guadalajara - Caracas FC - Grupo 1
Universitario - Vélez Sarsfield - Grupo 5
Rocha FC - Liga Dep. Universitaria - Grupo 5
Mar 08
São Paulo FC - Cienciano - Grupo 1
Sporting Cristal - Bolívar - Grupo 2
Pumas UNAM - Internacional - Grupo 6
River Plate - El Nacional - Grupo 8
Mar 09
Independiente Santa Fe - Estudiantes LP - Grupo 2
Nacional - UA Maracaibo - Grupo 6
Tigres UANL - Corinthians - Grupo 4
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Coming up on Thursday this week, it's UEFA Cup Round of 16 (2 legged knockout - Mar 9 & 15):
Palermo v Schalke
Rapid Bucuresti v Hamburg
Lille v Sevilla
Steaua v Betis
Middlesbrough v Roma
Udinese v Levski
Marseille v Zenit
Basel v Strasbourg


Anonymous Lance Smith said...

OK, I usually associate Dynamo with a communist (now formerly-communist) team.

To have a Dynamo down in conservative Texas is just surreal. It would be like having Red Star Dallas or Partisan Arlington.

I think I like it better than the original MSL names.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Red Bull makes a ton of sense since they are trying to name all teams like European teams. Red Bull Salzburg now they have knocked off the Austrian base. These names are a joke!!!!

5:44 PM  
Blogger D said...

Er, I guess I'm a Spurs fan. I mean, after DC United. Who has the greatest name, greatest history, and greatest fans in the world. But Spurs are my EPL team of choice. Thus the random link to the Spurs blog at DCenters. So we are out there.

7:40 PM  
Blogger hartley said...

It's kind of funny that the Houston team has the same name as the Kansas City "mascot" -- a dinosaur looking thing called Dynamo. So, will Houston change its name again? Or will the mascot?

Honestly, I would like to see the KC "mascot" just disappear. Soccer clubs don't need "mascots". I'm no Eurosnob, but sometimes we go too far in trying to make MLS like MLB.

Go KC. Go Charlton Athletic.

9:16 PM  
Anonymous J. Michael said...

Re: Tottenham

Not a Spurs fan, but I do follow the Premiership closely.

They are not good enough to topple the big 3, but this season they have a shot at clinching a Champions League spot -- as long as they can outperform their hated north London rivals: Arsenal.

Their big problem this season, in my opinion, has been a lack of consistency.

9:19 PM  

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