Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Heard 'em Say News

According to the amazing Michael Lewis of Big Apple Soccer, MLS Board of Directors is scheduled to meet today and discuss the sale of Metrostars to Red Bull. If they approve the deal, it could be completed almost immediately.
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Jack Bell at the New York Times has more on the Metrostars - Red Bull story. Former Cosmos player Giorgio Chinaglia is quoted in the article as being involved in the new management of the team. From what he says, he appears to not care how MLS is even run. He seems to think they can just spend a ton of money and be the Cosmos all over again. Fool or visionary? Well, maybe he is just the type of radical MLS needs to start spending real money on players. Imagine that.
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All 4 CONCACAF Champions Cup return leg matches are tonight. You can see 'em on Fox Soccer Channel:
Saprissa v Los Angeles - tied 0-0 - 8pm central live
Alajuelense v New England - tied 0-0 - 10pm central same day delayed
Toluca v Olimpio - Toluca leads 2-0 - 3pm central live
America v Portmore - America leads 2-1 - 1am central same day delayed
Note: They do NOT use the "away goals count double to break ties" rule. So all ties are settled with PK's after extra periods are played.
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MLSnet previews both the Los Angeles & New England matches in the Champions Cup down in Costa Rica tonight. They play Saprissa and Alajuelense respectively.
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Larry Morgan of the LA Daily News previews Suprissa v Galaxy as well.
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Frank Dell'apa has a feature on Clint Dempsey and his team New Englands's Champions Cup match for the Boston Globe.
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Arjen Robben is Dutch for Blue Jackass
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Ronaldinho interviewed by
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Investigative reporter Demko has found the real reason Mick McCarthy was given the heave-ho from Sunderland. Will Wayne Rooney be the next to get booted from his club? Based on this evidence I would say, immediately.
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As expected Thomas Rongen was re-named the USA U20 Boss. He left that job 2 years ago to run Chivas USA into the ground. Sigi Schmid took the job for the World Championship last summer, and then was hired to coach Columbus back to respectability. Now Rongen is back.
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Michael Ballack has flown to meet his new teammates at Tobacco Monopoly of Thailand.
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Steve Davis of the Dallas Morning News on the importance of Claudio Reyna to Team USA.
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How is Salt Lake City working for RSL's new winger Chris Klein? From the Dessert News.
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And how is year 2 in Salt Lake sitting with USA star defender Eddie Pope? From Salt Lake Tribune.
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The 2nd leg of Champions League Knock Out Action with previous leg scores listed:
Drama Everywhere Last Night-
Villa 1-1 Rangers - 3-3 on aggregate with Villareal advancing on 2 away goals to Rangers 1.
Juve 2-1 Bremen - 4-4 on agg with Juve winning on 2 away goals to Werders 1.
Barca 1-1 Chelsea - Barca win 3-2 on agg.
Lyon v PSV (1-0)
Milan v Bayern (1-1)
Arse v Real (1-0)
Liver v Benfica (0-1)
Delayed until Tuesday March 14
Inter v Ajax (2-2)
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Rob Hughes on last nights matches in the CL: Theatrical flourish finishes Chelsea
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And with Chelsea getting knocked out of the Champions League, their leader Jose Mourinho has boldly stated that the better team did NOT win. I guess that means he was out coached. Poor disturbed bastard. (Thanks to Ethan F for the sulking pic)
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Copa Libertadores Group stage!! This week’s matches and scores:
Tue Mar 07
Chivas Guadalajara 1-1 Caracas FC - Grupo 1
Universitario 0-1 Vélez Sarsfield - Grupo 5
Rocha FC 3-2 Liga Dep. Universitaria - Grupo 5
Wed Mar 08
São Paulo FC - Cienciano - Grupo 1
Sporting Cristal - Bolívar - Grupo 2
Pumas UNAM - Internacional - Grupo 6
River Plate - El Nacional - Grupo 8
Thur Mar 09
Independiente Santa Fe - Estudiantes LP - Grupo 2
Nacional - UA Maracaibo - Grupo 6
Tigres UANL - Corinthians - Grupo 4
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Tuesday Libertadores match recaps from Sports Illustrated.
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Coming up on Thursday this week, it's UEFA Cup Round of 16 (2 legged knockout - Mar 9 & 15):
Palermo v Schalke
Rapid Bucuresti v Hamburg
Lille v Sevilla
Steaua v Betis
Middlesbrough v Roma
Udinese v Levski
Marseille v Zenit
Basel v Strasbourg


Anonymous ken said...

The manager of my Sunday rec team emailed me yesterday to say that he has received a firm commitment from Michael Ballack to join our team for the 2006 season. He stated that the only remaining detail is if he will be required to pay for his jersey in addition ot the $110 league fee. Ballack was quoted as saying that he would miss the 2nd game of the season due to the fishing opener, and may miss a few other games later in the year due to "personal commitments" but expected to be available for all other regular season games and the August playoffs, assuming that Benders FC qualifies. No word yet on whether he will also join us for the 6 week Fall Rec league or the 6 v 6 indoor Rec league for the 2006-2007 season.

11:56 AM  
Anonymous cdin said...

Giorgio Chinaglia is a douche bag. I agree that MLS probably needs to open up the purse stings a little but but not to the Cosmos extent. If Giorgio Chinaglia things the Cosmos and therefore the NASL was a success then he is clearly an idiot. Yes, the Cosmos did have some big crowds, but he league failed.

If Red Bull FC is going to put him in charge I think MLS should reject the offer.


12:37 PM  
Blogger Coach Brian Quarstad said...

Look what Giorgio did with Champions World. Down the crapper. I heard that he was full of big ideas but didn't know how to balance a budget.
Hope he would not do the same with the Metro Stars. But it has always been amazing to me that a huge soccer market like N.Y. cannot be more successful than it has been. A real mystery. Someday someone is going to figure it out and make a load of money in that market.

1:10 PM  
Anonymous cdin said...

I don't understand why everyone is amazed at the Metrostars "lack of success." The team and the league has only existed for 10 years. It's not like every team but the Metrostars has won a championship. New England has only had success in recent years. I think Colorado has only been to the final once.

The Metrostars real problem is that they have some bad leadership at the GM level. Puting Mr. Cosmos in as GM or President won't fix that.

1:18 PM  

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