Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cheek News

-Matthew sent this my way: A classic moment caught on video of a jackass kid giving Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard the "psyche-out".
-Oh Yeah! Keeper Ken comes thru with a picture of the Dortmund fans taunting the Schalke fans with inflatable penis' and a sign saying "Go Fuck Yourselves". That's outrageous!
-Today is also the head-to-head match up between my fave Italian team Inter and Ken the Keeper's fave Italian team Fiorentina. I want to extend a challenge bet to Ken, the winner gets a cold beverage of choice paid for by the loser. Are we on?
-The official 2006 MLS Schedule has hit the streets running!
-In case you missed it yesterday, they played the Semifinals of the African Cup of Nations! Here we go:
Nigeria 0-1 Ivory Coast - Cote D'Ivoire advance to the final with a goal by, who else, Didier "Tito" Drogba. Is his nickname in reference to Tito Jackson? Or the Yugoslavian dictator?
Egypt 2-1 Senegal - again the host nation makes the finals, and should be favored to win Friday's finale! The game was marred by two awful incidents: Egypt called for a sub to replace striker Mido, but Mido refused to come off and then got into a screaming match with the coach on the touchline. Eventually the sub went in, and even scored the game winner, but Mido was not done as he continued to carry on. Today the team sent him packing, so no Mido for Egypt in the final. And secondly, late in the second half the referee called for a penalty after an Egyptian defender brought down a Senegal striker in the box. Just as suddenly though, the referee changed his mind and waved off the call. Many people have said it was an obvious infraction that should have lead to a PK for Senegal. Not surprisingly, Senegal are furious with the decision.
If you can find a place to watch the match on Friday, kickoff will be at 10am central time.
-More on Mido, news reports are saying that Mido called his coach a Donkey, and the coach retorting with, "No, you are the donkey!" Clever fella's.
-Yesterday I linked to the rumors swirling about Freddy Adu signing with Chelsea. After thinking about this over night I see several problems with all of this that I cannot believe any real reporter would not have investigated before running the story. Here are my three (kinda 4) arguments against this happening right now:
1 - he is not 18 so he cannot sign a European contract
2 - even if he was 18 right now, he could not get a work permit because he does not even come close to meeting one of the main English minimum requirements of featuring in 75% of your countries national team matches over the previous 2 years
3 - the stories all said he would sign after he plays with the USA at the World Cup, but you and I know that unless something unbelievably miraculous happens to increase his playing skills in the next 2 months he has no chance of making the roster
4 - we also know about Chelsea’s depth at every position, so why would they spend money on him now to play strictly with the reserves (this one is a little thin I know)
-Lastly, on the Freddy subject, the egg heads on Pardon The Interruption piped up about this yesterday and were all "He should go to Chelsea! All he does is sit on the bench here. Go there and play!" All fine and good, except these two stooges know as much about soccer as I know about the Professional Yodeling Tour - virtually nothing. That is one brainless statement on their part.
-The LA Galaxy has a friendly tonite at HDC against some version of the South Korean national team.
-Sir Jonesy of the LA Times talks to South Korea's second Dutch coach Dick Advocaat. (Claudio Reyna's favorite coach is in the City of Angels training his squad.)
-Chicago striker Nate Jaqua has a severely sprained right knee and could be out up to 6 weeks. That would practically take him right up to the season opener.
-Liverpool's fragile leader Steven Gerrard is going to miss the teams next two matches with a strained knee. They are going to need him pretty badly after that as the Champions League resumes Feb 22.
-Drooling-Blowhard Giorgio Chinagla is trying to take over his former Italian club Lazio.
-South Africa is set to build some new stadiums for hosting the 2010 World Cup. No mention of home much it will cost, and where the money will come from.
-Bob Luder of the Kansas City Star has a profile of the kid KC fans hope becomes a big star: Yura Movsisyan
-Andrea Canales writes about how US Soccer's fragile ego is starting to grow some muscles and it's first mustache, at least sorta. For Soccer365.
-Dylan Heranadez of the San Jose Mercury news reports on the Japanese team that will face the US on Friday night. He confirms my theory that the crowd will predominantly consist of Japanese-Americans.
-USA young stars Eddie Johnson & Oguchi Onyewu are featured in the new issue of ESPN Magazine in a story called "NEXT", where the mag profiles the American athletes that they feel are about ready to explode into household name status.
-David Arvizu will know which MLS team he is suiting up for today at 3pm central time, when the league holds a lottery drawing for his rights. At the above link you can also see (again) that insane bicycle kick goal he scored a couple months ago for the USA U17's.
-Two FA cup replays of 4th round games that ended in tie scores were played last night, with the other 2 going tonight. Here are scores and the games to be played:
Tuesday scores
Birmingham 2-1 Reading - Reading rested most of their starters so they can focus solely on promotion to the Premiership.
Crystal Palace 1-2 Preston - Is this an upset? Maybe
Wednesday games
Middlesbrough v Coventry
Chelsea v Everton
-FIFA imposed their punishment yesterday from the brawl that took place after the World Cup qualifier last November between Turkey and Switzerland. This is pretty harsh, and the Turks are going nuts over it. But they are buffoons. Every match they play in has a large group of obnoxious, rude and seemingly angry fans spending the full 90 minutes hurling abuse at the opposition. What did they expect? The Swiss were punished too, but not nearly as severely the Turks.
-Soccer America has 3 questions for the young American playing at our new fave's St Pauli - Ian Joy
-The semifinals of Spain's Copa del Rey start tonight. (2 legged series, with return matches next week.)
Real Zaragoza v Real Madrid
Espanyol v Deportivo La Coruna
-Copa Libertadores scores and matches:
Last nights scores:
Bolivar 1-0 Estudiantes - group 2
Rocha FC 0-0 Universitario - group 5
Liga Dep. Universitaria 1-3 Vélez Sarsfield - group 5
Today’s matches:
Cienciano v Guadalajara Chivas - group 1
Universidad Catolica - UANL Tigres - group 4
Nacional v UNAM Pumas - group 6


Anonymous ken said...

You're on Bruce, although La Viola were already one up on Inter by the time you proposed your little wager. Remember, I like my Guinness served at 48F.

2:27 PM  
Anonymous Joe said...

I think it's a tiny victory anytime soccer gets mentioned on ESPN1, even if it's always Freddy-related. But we need some more hyped-up or controversial players, preferably with starting jobs. Maybe this Dempsey rap thing will go somewhere.

3:16 PM  
Anonymous ken said...

Okay Bruce, you owe me. Unless you want to go double or nothing that Inter will finish above Fiorentina in the table by seasons end?

4:25 PM  
Blogger hartley said...

Well, you mentioned Gerrard was going to miss a couple of games. Why not mention that one of them was today?

And with the captain out, the Reds lose at the Valley to my beloved Charlton Athletic. The Addicks get a questionable penalty by Dudek on Darren Bent. D. Bent takes the PK himself [as it should be] and converts. Then with halftime looming, England international right back Luke Young sends one past Carragher and through Dudek's legs.

It all sounded wonderful. Too bad I couldn't "see" it.

Oh, and Jonathan Spector started and went the full 90. According to the BBC broadcaster and former Addicks Steve Brown, Spector was man of the match! He simply shut Cisse down. Cisse eventually tried his luck on the other side against Young. Eventually, Dibril was subbed off.

Go Addicks!

4:28 PM  
Anonymous bq said...

I agree that the Freddy to Chelsea is B.S. I do believe all the speculation is because Freddy is about to turn 17 and it is the age of 17 not 18 that allows a player to start negotiating or whatever the hell they do that allows them to sign a pro contract.

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Darren Bent dove like Jamie Watson yesterday against Liverpool.

Could Chelsea sign Freddy but then just loan him back to DC until he turns 18?


8:07 AM  

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