Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Excellently Resplendent Anti-Repellant Expectorant News

-My pal Jesse sent me a note he saw on Freddy Adu being chased by Chelsea from the BBC. He also sent some excellent comments: Somehow I doubt this would be a good career move, initially, for Master Fredua as he is extremely unlikely to get first team experience for several years without loan spells. I suppose he could console himself by rolling around in a big pile of cash and European models. The most obvious advantage of signing with Chelsea is Diving Lessons from Arjen Robben!
-The esteemed, and longed for (his writing anyway), Grant Wahl sits down to talk with The Freddy at Sports Illustrated. Note to SI: While all this new international coverage is great, we need a LOT more Grant Wahl. College basketball be damned.
-SI also continues its World Cup team-by-team profiles with hosts Germany- Deutschland-Alemania.
-Lee Nguyen could make his PSV debut tomorrow night in Utrecht. Due to injuries, he will be included in the team and start the match on the bench, ready to play if necessary. Great to see. Coach Hiddink also has some comments on Lee.
-USA U17 starlet David Arvizu has signed a contract with MLS, and his team rights will be decided by lottery. The league did the same thing with Danny Szetela on live TV. Do you remember the look on Danny's sweet lil face when Columbus popped up as the winner. It was hilarious TV for us crass bastards, but he was bummin' hard. (Can you blame him? Frickin Columbus!) Let's see if we can't get a more joyful scenario this time around.
-Frank Dell'apa previews USA v Japan for Soccernet.
-Today we got the Semifinals of the African Cup of Nations! Here we go:
Nigeria 0-1 Ivory Coast - Cote D'Ivoire advance to the final with a goal by, who else, Didier "Tito" Drogba. Is his nickname in reference to Tito Jackson?
Egypt 2-1 Senegal - again the host nation makes the finals, and should be favored to win Friday's finale!
-Oh, I forgot to say this: So Long Graeme Souness! Obviously no one is shedding a tear for you, but I still like you. And no matter what "they" say, this big feller's got yer back.
-UEFA.com interviews Milan legend Franco Baresi.
-Congo & Portsmouth striker Lomana LuaLua has lost his 18 month old son to an unnamed illness. That is very sad news. RIP little man.
-It's official now, Dallas has signed striker Kenny Cooper from Man U. Cooper is from the Dallas area. His father is English and played in NASL.
-It also looks like Dallas is going to get Carlos Ruiz back! Great for them, great for the league. Thanks to Buzz at 3rd Degree for the scoop.
-Chicago is doing a very cool thing to open their new stadium - For the first ever game, on June 11, they will only allow season ticket holders, and residents of host city Bridgeview to attend the match. The Grand Opening match "fer da rest uv us" will come 2 weeks later on June 25.
-Soccer America has 3 questions for Chris Klein of Salt Lake.
-La Copa Libertadores is finally for real! Yes, real games. It all starts today:
Bolivar v Estudiantes - group 2
Rocha FC v Universitario - group 5
-Sports Illustrated previews that tournament.
-Defender Todd Dunivant has signed a 3 year contract extension with LA.
-Chicago striker Nate Jaqua injured his knee during Saturday's scrimmage v South Korea. He will have an MRI to determine if there is any serious damage.
-US Soccer has a nice lil video of all the boyz watching the Super Bowl together at Landycakes casa. Did anyone out there see Landos pad on "MTV Cribs"? Give us a report!
-Soccer365 has a Q&A with the legendary Preki (who turned down a job with the AARP, to become an assistant coach for Chivas USA).
-Frank Giase with his weekly Metrostars report for the Newark Star Ledger.
-Giase also reports on the state of Eddie Gaven. (I think people have been way to hard on Gaven. Let the boy grow dammit!)
-Ives Galarcep of the North Jersey Herald also writes about Gaven, who he feels is nearly out the Metrostars door.
-Rob Hughes of the International Herald Tribune on two English oddballs, one old & one young, Sol Campbell & Joey Barton: Enigmas of 2 tarnished stars
-Italian World Cup star, and one of my all time faves, Roberto Donadoni has quit as coach of Livorno after being heavily criticized by the owner (when most people thought he was doing a really good job.) Donadoni also played for the Metrostars in the early MLS days.
-Houston Chronicle's Week In Review


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've still got the MTV Cribs episode with Landycakes & Bianca's domain on my TiVo. I could probably rip it to some video format and put it online for you?
-D. DuJour

6:27 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

thanks d dujour
but in reality, i just want a report
i dont want to actually have to watch the damn thing!

11:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

B drives the Chevy Trailblazer that Landy got for "Soccer Player of the Year". Landy drives a Jag. Other than that, it's a house and Landy doesn't know the names of all the rooms. "This is the..." Biance: "living room."
It's only about 10 minutes long.


8:48 PM  

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