Friday, January 06, 2006

The News From Lake Moulinrouge

-More Kansas City stadium info from Thursdays Johnson County Commissioner’s meeting. They really want this stadium. Bad! Awesome! Can we move these people to San Jose next. (Comes with a video link.)
-Conor Casey has yet to play for his German team Mainz this season due to a blown-out knee ligament he suffered last summer at the Gold Cup. But he is now ready to start practicing full time with the team.
-Interliga scores from last night:
Veracruz 3-2 Pachuca
Monterrey 2-2 Morelia
This weekend there are 4 games at Pizza Hut Park in Dallas:
Necaxa v Tigres
Guadalajara v Cruz Azul
Morelia v Pachuca
Veracruz v Monterrey
-Marcus Hahnemann has a signed a contract extension with Reading that will keep him there for at least 2 more seasons, and with any luck, both of those season will be in the Premiership.
-Are you like me, sitting here turning blue in the face while holding your breath waiting to find out if you get World Cup tickets. Turns out we are not alone. (No.....they didn't use our tickets to prove life exsists on other planets - although that would be kinda cool.) No countries have given back any tickets and the number of people scrambling to get them is much higher then ever before. Good luck to you, but I hope I get mine first.
-Even worse, we are starting to hear the little things about where all of our tickets are going. Here is the case of our loathsome CONCACAF President Jack Warner. This pig has scooped up all of Trinidad & Tobago's tickets for sale through his own travel agency. To get them you must book at package that costs just under $5000. This dude should be strung up, or at least stripped of his regional position. He heads up one of 5 soccer regions in the world and therefore should not be within 100,000 miles of a company that sells tickets to the World Cup. No one in is family or anyone he knows should be allowed to sell these tickets. Its an ugly shame. But exactly what you would expect from these bastards. For the record these are the official soccer positions that Mr Warner holds: President of CONCACAF. FIFA Vice President and Chairman of the FIFA Youth Competitions Committee. Deputy Chairman of the FIFA Finance Committee. Member of the FIFA Emergency Committee and Committee for Security Matters and Fair Play. We should all make calls and write letters demanding he step down now.
-Photos & Video from Day 1 of USA camp. It won't surprise any long time USA fans to know that Frankie Hejduk and Landon Dovovan are the kings of endurance testing. And even Landycakes thinks Heydude is a machine.
-USA Today has a feature on little known US defender Heath Pearce.
-Are you getting sick of reading about where Michael Ballack MIGHT be going? Today it's Inter. Tomorrow he signs with my Mom's team in Rochester Minnesota, The Mournful Geese.
-You might have been hearing the rumblings about another Russian oil billionaire buying his way into England. He has his eyes set on the beautiful bride named Portsmouth. Read about the mystery (some say shady) money man via Soccernet.
-No EPL games this weekend cuz it's FA Cup time again. Here are the choices.
-Simon Elliot to Fulham is now official. I think that we can safely say that if he succeeds then US Soccer & MLS is much better than the rest of the world thinks it is.
-Buzz Carrick from 3rd Degree says: Former Dallas Burn captain and Colombian international Oscar Pareja is set to join FC Dallas as an assistant coach.
-Simon Kuper of the London Financial Times gets a little off the soccer trail this week and writes about how lumpy some of us are. He makes the article a work of pure genius when he name checks one of my favorite TV shows - Blind Date. Actually he doesn't directly name check Blind Date. He name checks Bridget Jones, who name checks Blind Date: Forget the gym and take an exercise in enjoyment
-There's only one big Euro match worth checking out this weekend: Villarreal v Real Madrid - it's #4 at home with something to prove to #5 - you can see it live in America at Noon central time on GolTV.
-Don't forget - they will be announcing the 2005 winner of the Hermann Trophy on ESPNews today at 6pm central.
-Are you a Metrostars fan? Do you wanna know what yer team is doing this preseason to get ready for another year of failure and sadness? Big Apple Soccer has the details for you.


Anonymous john said...

When did you get your ticket application in?
I've had two dreams about this ticket thing. I have a sickness, and the only remedy is tickets

1:39 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

hey john
i was in the first two fifa ticket lotteries, and then the usa one
all 3 times my app was in as soon as they let us turn it in
its sad
my inner-conspiracy theorist says usa soccer was never going to sell us any, they just had to do through the motions
all their tix are going to ticket brokers, travel agents, their sponsors, their families and their bobos
sad that i feel this way
but i do
and the crap in trinidad gives me more fuel for my anger
i should join metallica, then i would have a place to rest my feelings

2:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

By saying that you got it in as soon as possible, you mean your fax actually got through to USSF? If so congratulations, you are one of the few. I can see scepticism about them skimming some tickets off the top, but if they take too many, I think the posters over at Big Soccer would figure it out and we'd then have a 'revolt' on our hands. They seem to like crunching numbers over there at BS. Strange

2:13 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

but i say that you can't crunch numbers if no one really knows how many tickets were available to start with
there has never been any official word on how many tickets would be for sale at any given time, and certainly no number was ever given out from us soccer, they are not that dumb
so the wildebeests at big soccer can go as berserk as they want - it will be based on nothing/speculation
just like my ranting!!

2:20 PM  
Anonymous bq said...

"-Simon Elliot to Fulham is now official. I think that we can safely say that if he succeeds then US Soccer & MLS is much better than the rest of the world thinks it is."

Either that or are coaching here is worse than we thought it was. I do think Elliot will bomb out. Cookie Coleman could get him for very little (He has no budget to work with currently) and wouldn't have any problems with work permits. So why not? Who knows? Who every really knows?

Lastly, I will argue with you Mig that there is another good game in Europe this weekend and that is allso in the Spanish Primera División. Barcelona plays Espanyol. Yes, Espanyol is in 14th place but this is a derby and has some interesting features. See the below link.

4:21 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

excellent find on that derby match bq!

you can see it sat at 3pm central on goltv too

8:37 PM  
Anonymous bq said...

Well now!

It seems just as I spoke about a certain Fulham manager not having any money to spend he has been given a new bank account to use to pick up players. Very interesting article, that is "if" you are interested in Fulham Football Club.

9:05 AM  

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