Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Minnesota Thunder Won The First Ever Rocky Mountain Cup And Want Their Damn Trophy Now News

-After 2 pretty disappointing years with Metrostars, Sergio Galvan Rey - the King of Goals, has moved back to Columbia and signed a deal to play for Atletico Nacional (who were recently crowned league champs). I know he didn't even come close to the hype, but I kinda liked him.
-The Claudio Reyna-less football club from the city of Manchester last 1-0 in London to Tottenham last night. City are now 9th in the EPL, while Spurs are 4th.
-US Soccer has a kinda cool look back at our teams World Cup preperations at this same point in time 4 years ago.
-Sports Illustrated's Gregory Sica gives us a lil history lesson and relives the glory days of Uruguay's former powerhouse club Penarol.
-Last night in France the league kicked back into post-holiday action with 1st place Lyon behind a Sylain Wiltord triple destroying last place Strasbourg 4-0.
-Do you know about Deuce. Yes, I said, Deuce. Or rather Clint Dempsey. New England midfielder Clint Dempsey. From Nacogdoches. He is becoming a star you know. In more ways than one. And now his music career is launched. Thanks to ChampionDanG for the link to: Recently MLS player and USA National Team standout Clint Dempsey has been working on a hobby of his. He has teamed up with Houston heavy hitter Big Hawk from "The Screwed Up Click" to create an anthem for Nike's "Don't Tread On This" US national team ad campaign. I think it's a surprisingly good song, and I was skeptical as hell. If you want to listen to the track, you can visit the Deuce page at My Space, and then just press "Play".
-Interliga scores from last night down in Houston:
Guadalajara 5-3 UANL Tigres
Necaxa 1-0 Cruz Azul
Tonite in La Joya its:
Pachuca v Veracruz
Monterrey v Morelia
-Bernardo Fallas covers those Interliga matches for the Houston Chronicle.
-Our old pal Romario just finished the season with Vasco da Gama in Brazil scoring 22 goals at age 39! Pretty amazing for an old duffer. He has now signed on for another year with the team.
-From Jesse: Los Alamos scientists have determined soccer is the most exciting sport.....Um, except for baseball!?!?
-From the always scouring BQ: Perhaps a small scoop here. I am listening to World Soccer Daily and someone who follows the Portuguese league called in and said that he saw an article that U.S. U-20 Nat player Steve Purdy went to lower level team Academica. Cool that another U.S. player is on his was to Europe. (Purdy details: defender/midfielder, 6'3" 180 lbs., born 02/05/85, from San Jose CA, currently playing for Cal.)
-Long time Soccer America editor Ridge Mahoney lays out his MLS Best Of 2005.
-And that same outstanding magazine also gives us Ian Plenderleith's Soccer Oscars! Huh, you ask?
-Eddie Lewis is drawing raves from his teams web page. Natch.
-Dylan Hernandez covered the San Jose Earthquakes for the Mercury News, but wrote very little regarding the teams off the field action. We had not heard from Dylan in a while, but today he posts on the papers weblog site about Mark Chung officially retiring, and other info that you will enjoy reading. I have no idea if he will stay at that paper or move somewhere else to cover soccer, but what ever he does I want to wish Dylan good luck.
-New England will play their "home" leg of the 1st round Champions Cup match-up v Costa Rica's Alajuelense at the National Stadium in Bermuda on Feb 22, not in Boston, which will most likely be frozen on that date. At least they are not playing both legs on the other teams home field again like they did 3 years ago. That was dumb, this is slightly smarter.
-Glenn Davis gets some time with new Houston team president Oliver Luck.
-According to very loud rumors in Europe, Argentinean superstar Carlos Tevez has become Inter’s primary transfer target for the start of next season.
-LA has lined up a friendly v South Korea on Wed Feb 8 at their Home Depot Center.
-The latest in stadium news from the Kansas City Star.


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