Friday, January 20, 2006

I Was A Fool When I Was News (PM edition)

-Here are the top players selected today in the 2006 MLS Superdraft. All the details at MLS).
-Colorado lost defender Nat Borchers who is off to play for Odd Grenland in Norway. Go Natty Go.
-The Arse finished the deal to sign 16 year old forward Theo Walcott from Southampton for a whole lotta money.
-The African Nations Cup kicked off today with the opening match. This is a great tournament filled with many exciting matches. You really outta go to an African bar or restaurant to see some matches. You will have a blast. A full weekend schedule starts tomorrow, with the champion being crowned on Feb 10. Here is the schedule for this weekend:
Egypt 3-0 Lybia
Saturday (all times are central)
Morocco v Cote d'Ivoire 6:00am
Cameroon v Angola 9:15am
Togo v Congo 12:00 noon
Tunisia v Zambia 9:15am
South Africa v Guinea 12:00 noon
-Justin sent me a link to a story in the Guardian about the USA saying they want Man U boy-striker Guissepie Rossi to try out for the World Cup team. We know that The Bruce asked him to join the USA about 6 months ago and Rossi said no. So is this a new attempt, or old news?
-Yanks Abroad has a few words with Benny Feilhaber of Hamburg.
-LA Times man Grahame Jones on Marvell Wynne.
-Jamie Moreno of DC is going back to his early days with blonde hair!
-I missed this, but several people have sent me emails in the past hour asking if I heard MLS Commissioner Don Garber announce during the Superdraft that in the next 60 days the league would be granting a new expansion team in the Midwest. I can already hear it: "Stand Up If You Hate Milwaukee, Stand Up....."
-The front page at US Soccer today has a video link called "Thurs. Scrimmage". Check it out. Nice.
-After 6 long months of rehab in his home state of Florida, Cory Gibbs is back in Feyenoord with his team to get himself in shape to play again. They hope he is ready sometime in mid-February.
-As always, great MLS & USA scuttlebutt from Soccer America's "Confidential" files.
-Matt sends us a link to these photos (taken by a fan) of the new MLS shirts as worn by players at the MLS Superdraft.
-Simon Kuper sings a song for Beckenbauer: Conquering Kaiser who sweeps us all off our feet
-Houston's team name will be revealed next Wednesday.


Blogger Jarrett said...

The pictures of the new jerseys are simply screen captures I grabbed off the video stream of the fashion show.

It's funny how you post something somewhere on the internet and 4 hours later it shows up on someone else's blog that you yourself read.

The internet is way cool.

6:15 PM  
Blogger Andy said...

I heard that comment about the Midwest MLS team during the draft. I guess it could mean somewhere like Cleveland but I really got the feeling he meant Milwaukee.

12:56 PM  
Anonymous jamesey said...

mention the Scudetto. The Champion of MLS gets to wear it for the following season. if you look on the LAG kits, in the upper left corner there is a USA flag draped behind the MLS Cup

1:42 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

yes yes yes the scudetto
its on the monday blab

4:09 PM  

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