Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Wig Wam News

-Andrew Dixon from the GolNoir always writes good soccer stuff. This week he does a little A-Z for 2005.
-Do you have any interest in seeing some Ronaldinho goals? Well here are a ton of 'em.
-Liverpool and Everton play today for the 202nd time! Holy shit that's a lot of opportunities to build up some hatred!
-West Ham v Wigan also looks good today. The way they've been playing lately it could end 10-10, which of course means it will be 0-0, and dull as dull can be.
-Maradona has been offered a deal to play for Excursionistas who are in Argentina's fourth division - Primera C. What a great name for a team. I wanna play for them. My instincts tell me that this deal will not happen for the formerly bloated one - I mean Maradona, not me. Well actually I'm kinda bloated too, but at least have the height to balance it off a little.
-Speaking of playing when yer old... I ran into my friend Chris on the bus the other day, and he retold a great John Peel story. When Peel turned 50 he said on his radio show something like: "Well, I guess I am finally too old now to ever fulfill my dream of suiting up for Liverpool, but I bet I could still see some playing time for one of the London clubs." Brilliant as always from Peel. Rest In Peace amigo.
-Buzz Carrick of FC Dallas fan site 3rd Degree has an interview with the teams new General Manager Michael Hitchcock.
-About a month or so ago Monchengladbach told Giovane Elber that he was free to leave the club. Today the former Bayern Munchen star signed with Cruzeiro in Brazil, and will begin with them when the transfer window opens next month.
-Chris Klein of KC & Zach Wells of Metrostars have been added to the USA training camp roster for next week. They are replacing Justin Mapp of Chicago & Jonny Walker of Columbus who are both injured. Zach Wells?????? What the......?
-Manchester United are again going to loan out Texas striker Kenny Cooper. The new team has not been set yet.
-The excellent Mark Zeigler of the San Diego Union Tribune with his 2005 year end wrap up.
-Regular reader and contributor Ken will be devastated to learn that his Akron Zips are losing head coach Ken Lolla to in-state rivals Louisville. Akron just had their best season ever, and now the coach splits. Happy New Year in Bummersville.
-The latest news from the folks trying to start a new club in Milwaukee for MLS.
-Steve Davis of the Dallas Morning News with a profile story on LA's Ugo Ihemelu. Ihemelu was a former star player for SMU in Dallas.
-Davis also writes that: "Former Dallas Burn coach Mike Jeffries has been named associate coach at Duke."


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