Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Couple Things To Sing About, But Very Little News

-As I was watching Wigan v Man City on Monday I wondered to myself why Claudio Reyna was subbed off in the 65th minute. I know they brought in Andy Cole for more offense, but Reyna is a guy who can do great things at both ends of the pitch. The only thing I figured out was that with 4 games in 6 days the coach wanted to rest him with the team trailing 4-1. Then yesterday I saw Man City again, this time v Chelsea and Reyna is not on the pitch at all. I think to myself, this is not good. Something is wrong. Sure enough, I go to Yanks Abroad and what do I see: Reyna diagnosed with ankle fracture. Oh, damn it all anyway. The injury occurred nearly 2 months ago v The Arse, when he went off with that knee & ankle injury and missed a month. They thought he was healed, but obviously not. He will have surgery on it, and could be out 2 months or more. Good luck Claudio. By the way, Chelsea won 1-0.
-Liverpool has won 9 in a row in the EPL. Chelsea has won 7 straight.
-Lil Q & A with Hercules Gomez, striker for the Galaxy, via US Players Assoc.
-Brian McBride had another huge day for Fulham, scoring 2, but they could only manage a 3-3 tie at home v Aston Villa. Carlos Bocanegra started in the back as well for Fulham. The defense had a lot of trouble though, and Bocanegra will have to step up his game. One of the players who caused him a lot of trouble was Milan Baros who is the main striker for the Czech Republic, so Bocanegra better get up for stopping him next summer at the World Cup. Fulham are in 15th place with 20 points from 19 games (the exact midpoint of the season which is 38 games long), but are only 6 points ahead of the last relegation spot, which belongs to Portsmouth (who they travel to to play on Saturday) and their 14 points. That makes Saturday's game is big for both.
-Ole Gunnar Solskjaer came on as a late game sub for Man U in their 2-2 draw with crappy Birmingham. The BFA (baby faced assasin) has not played a game since the Fall of '03 due to some awful knee trouble. Hooray Ole. Hooray Beer.
-Not too surprising is the fact that Samuel Eto'o leads all Euro goal scores with 17 in league play. Here are all the other top strikers via Soccerway.
-Eddie Lewis scored the winner for Leeds in a 0-1 win at Stoke. They are in 3rd place by 2 points over Watford.
-Q & A with the main man behind the building of Colorado's new stadium in suburban Denver.
-Marcus Hahnemann recorded shut out #16 this season for Reading, who won their 10th in a row, beating Leicester 2-0! Reading have 65 points from 26 matches and lead 2nd place Sheffield United by 6 points. The real note of interest though is that they lead 3rd place Leeds by 20 points, and the top two teams get automatically promoted.
-I need to give a tip of the hat greeting to our regular reader in Sharjah, Ash Shariqah, UAE. Howdy!
-I really hate Joe Cole of Chelsea. Yes he is very good. And currently playing great. But he needs to have some humility slapped into his attitude packed, foul mouthed, punk assed bitch of a head. He is also a whiner and a cheap shot. Get it together Joey.
-Today's picture of Bridgeview Stadium.


Anonymous bq said...

Joe Cole should have been sent off on his foul against Brian McBride on Boxing Day. He tackled from behind as he was the last defender when McBride moved toward goal. It should have been an automatic sending off. If he had been sent off, he would not have made the cross to Crespo that won the game for Chelsea nor would he have scored the winning goal against Man City yesterday. Watching Chelsea this year, it seems that Refs are afraid to call fouls against Chelsea that may be deemed controversial. They have gotten away with murder at times were some of the weaker teams like Everton seem to get nothing but bad luck and harsh call by the refs.

4:08 PM  
Blogger kj said..., if he'd been sent off for that, he wouldn't have been able to make that save at the top of the penalty area.

6:28 PM  
Anonymous bq said...

Forgot about that one...but you are right KJ

9:36 PM  
Blogger brucio said...

actually KJ, I think that was John Terry impersonating Peter Cech

11:56 PM  

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