Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Johnny Winter Is To Blues Guitar What This Web Log Is To News

-The all new Jimmy Conrad column. Brilliant as you would expect.
-The FIFA Top 8 World Cup 2006 Seeds:
1 Brazil
2 England
3 Spain
4 Germany
5 Mexico
6 France
7 Argentina
8 Italy
USA was seeded 9th, and now knows it will face one of these teams in the opening group stage.
-Soccer web log It's Up For Grabs Now conducted a poll of fellow soccer web log writers to determine our own World Player of the Year. See the not so surprising results here. (I'm pretty sure the winner was a unanimous decision.)
-An extensive look at Clint Dempsey via Yanks Abroad.
-Also from Yanks Abroad we get word that lil Stevie Cherundolo has a torn calf muscle and will be out for an indefinite amount of time. Damn.
-You really need to go to this page at US Soccer, and watch the video clip entitled "Thursday's Action and David Arvizu's Bicycle Kick" (hell, watch all the clips on that page, it's great stuff). You must watch all the way until the end of this clip to see an amazing goal from young USA player David Arvizu.
-MetroStars have signed goalkeeper Jon Conway from San Jose.
-Here it is - UEFA Champions League Matchday 6 - the final round of the group stage:
Group E - 2 needed - 3 still in
Milan v Schalke
PSV v OFenerbahce
Group F - set
ILyon v ORosenborg
OOlympiacos v IReal Madrid
Group G - set
IChelsea v ILiverpool
OBetis v OAnderlecht
Group H - 1 needed - 3 still in
Rangers v IInter
Artmedia v Porto
Group A - set
OClub Brugge v IBayern
ORapid v IJuventus
Group B - set
IArsenal v IAjax
OSparta v OThun
Group C - 1 needed - 2 still in
Bremen v OPanathinaikos
Udinese v IBarcelona
Group D - 2 needed - 4 still in
Benfica v Man United
Villarreal v Lille
-In Grant Wahl's interview with USA coach Bruce Arena last week ( read it here in case you missed it), this approx sched was laid out for the World Cup build up:
Jan 22 Canada in San Diego
Jan 29 Norway in Carson CA
Feb 10 Japan in San Francisco
Feb 19 TBA CONCACAF team in Frisco, TX
Mar 1 TBA European team in Europe
Mar 22 v Germany in Dortmund
Mid-April TBA in USA
May TBA three games in USA
-John O'Brien is back in LA at the specialized training facility run out of the Home Depot Center (where he spent all of last spring) to try and revive is oft injured body. It seemed to work for a short time last year, but by summers end he was right back to the whirlpool.
-39 year old Romario has won another Brazilian League scoring title. Pretty amazing at that age. He scored 22 on the season for Vasco Da Gama.
-The top 3 New York Metropolitan Area newspaper soccer writers all had columns today on the Beautiful Game. Jack Bell from New York Times, Ives Galarcep from North Jersery Herald, and Frank Giase from Newark Star Ledger. Read em & learn punk.
-The 2006 MLS season is set to open on Saturday April 1 with a match at the Home Depot Center featuring a rematch from MLS Cup 05, LA v New England.
-Did you catch the interview with Paul Gascoigne on Sky Sport News last night. It was quite sad. He had just been fired as coach at lower division team Kettering, and was clearly nuts. He called himself a genius and tried to act like his drinking is no big deal. He said he is sober, only to admit having a "double brandy" right before the last game, and then vehemently insist that this was no problem for him. I grew up around some alcoholics who all died before the age of 40 and he looks like he is clearly on his way to that same success. The man is so far gone he can barely speak, constantly repeating himself, and emphasizing his points to extreme proportions. Not good. The reason given for his firing (he didn't last 6 weeks as coach) was that he had been "under the influence of alcohol before, during and after several first-team games and training sessions". The owners also sited 37 incidents of misconduct by Gascoigne. To top it all off, on Monday night Gascoigne was arrested for punching a photographer outside a Liverpool hotel. Even sadder was the fact that he was appearing at the hotel to speak at a drug and alcohol rehab fundraiser.
-Christian Vieri who switched sides from Inter to Milan this past summer has been voted the worst player in Serie A for 05 (the Golden Flop). Voting is done every year by listeners to an Italian radio show called Catersport. He was the runaway winner of the award.
-Yesterday Real Madrid fired their coach Wanderlei Luxemburgo, and today there director, Arrigo Sacchi, has resigned. Coincidence? I think not.
-ADDITION: The Copa Sudamericana Final is launched tonite in Mexico City. Pumas UNAM v Boca Juniors, with the return leg in Buenos Aires on Dec 18. Good luck to both. The games are only available in the US on Fox Sports En Espanyol.


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