Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Hedwig & The Angry News

-Here is some great reading material from Australia, regarding their World Cup team. The boys are OUTRAGED that USA coach Bruce Arena has labeled them as one of the two weakest teams in the World Cup. All Arena said (a few days ago) was that this World Cup would be even tougher than the last one, because the last one had really weak teams (China & Saudi Arabia), where in this one, the weakest teams are quite good (Australia & Trinidad and Tobago). (That's his opinion,not mine, but that's for another day.) So, being the idjits that they are, they took it as a slap in the face. All I can muster up is: Go Aussies Go. Go Nuts Go. Hooray Beer.
-Here are Arena's comments made yesterday after the first 8 seeds were announced. (You can listen to his comments on that page as well.)
-The Copa Sudamericana Final first leg was played last night in Mexico City, and the teams drew. Pumas UNAM 1-1 Boca Juniors. This obviously gives a huge advantage to Boca, having the away goal, and then the home crowd for the next game. The second leg is Dec 18 in Buenos Aries.
-Steven Goff of the Washington Post reports that DC United and Freddy Adu have worked out their differences and are ready for spring 06.
-12 months ago Mr Harry Redknapp (the King of Shakey Jowls) left his team Portsmouth in the lurch to take over Southampton. He did so with a lot of controversy and poor timing (it was mid-season). Alas he did not save Southampton from the gallows of relegation, and they currently reside in the Championship Division, one level below the top. His old team made the cut last year with out him, but now find themselves battling to keep their heads above water near the bottom of the table. So not too surprisingly Portsmouth are looking to make a drastic change, and who do you think they turn to. The Jiggly One of course. Yes Dirty Harry is at it again, this time reversing field 180 degrees and heading straight back to Portsmouth. What a weird dude. Good luck to him and his, but wouldn't it be funny to see him take both teams down!!
-Champions League match scores from last night:
PSV 2-0 Fenerbahce
Milan 3-2 Schalke
Olympiacos 2-1 Real Madrid
Lyon 2-1 Rosenborg
Betis 0-1 Anderlecht
Chelsea 0-0 Liverpool
Artmedia 0-0 Porto
Rangers 1-1 Internazionale
Which means Milan, PSV, Liverpool, Chelsea, Lyon, Real Madrid, Inter & Rangers are thru to the knockouts! The last 3 will be known later today!
And those games are:
Club Brugge - Bayern
Rapid - Juventus
Arsenal - Ajax
Sparta - Thun
Bremen - Panathinaikos
Udinese - Barcelona
Benfica - Man United
Villarreal - Lille
-Tigres and Monterrey face off tonite in the first leg semifinal of the Mexican Laguilla. Leg 2 is Saturday in Monterrey. In the other semi tomorrow it's Pachuca v Toluca, with the reverse on Sunday to see who goes to the finale.
-Two from Rob Hughes. One on Rangers coach Alex McLeish and the other on the sadly pathetic Gazza story: Gascoigne totters in Best's footsteps - and - In Glasgow, victory may be coach's last
-Houston Chronicle's Week In Review


Anonymous Eric said...

I found this Aussie quote to be hilarious:

"The US have had good results at recent World Cup tournaments but always had easy routes to qualification through the weak CONCACAF group, compared with Australia's task of having to beat the fifth-best South American nation."

Is he kidding? They sure are sensitive down under.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous ken said...

I'll take our best 6 in CONCACAF over the 5th best in South America anyday.

3:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the "Goose" has retired- Now we've eliminated the single greatest goalscoring threat to the U.S. for the next world cup.

6:49 PM  
Blogger Flatlander said...

It was kind of a silly statement by Bruce. While T&T is clearly one of the worst teams in the field, Australia is arguably above the bottom dwellers; particularly with Hiddink at the helm. Arena is usually more accurate in his outspoken comments than he was with this one.

By the way, that Arvizu goal from yesterday's post was sick.

11:13 PM  
Anonymous Yorkie said...

What you missd about the Harry Redknapp story is the fact that Portsmouth and Southampton, two south coast towns only a few miles apart, see one another as ancient enemies. Far more than grudgingly forgiving Harry for his disloyalty, he will be lauded as a returning hero - perhaps the greatest ever - for relegating Southampton and returning to save Portsmouth from the same fate.

8:32 AM  
Blogger brucio said...

thanks yorkie
i have gotten other notes like yours as well
i have a very old friend who grew up half way between the two cities and he has many tales

10:46 AM  

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