Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Just A Lil Snatch Of News

-Stevie G sends all the tabloids into full melt down with his head spinning decisions of staying or going at Liverpool. I think its funny, but I really don't understand why people take the stories in the tabloid papers to be built on any facts at all. Just wait until the story is finished and then you will have a nice clear picture.
-ESPN has its list of the top ten MLS teams from the first 10 years of the league. Its written by Ives Galarcep from the North Jersey Herald.
-Last weekends First & Second Division wrap ups, including my boys horrifying 3-1 loss at home to Seattle. Not noted in the wrap up of that match is that fact that it was a tight game until the Thunder goal keeper Joe Warren was kicked in the face going for a ball and Seattle scored its third goal after a scramble with Warren lying out near the top of box in agony. No call by the ref on that one. The refs needed an escort off the field post game. It was kinda wild.
-Did you see those creepy amber colored contact lenses the USA was wearing at practice the other day. Weird as hell. Supposedly they are great for seeing better on the field. Designed by Nike. Made John O'Brien look like he was back in Amsterdam enjoying the hierba buena. NOTE: OK, so a couple people asked me for a link to this video, sorry I didn't include it originally. There is no direct link to it, but if you go to this page and then scan down just a little to a paragraph titled ALL ACCESS VIDEO - Seeing Is Believing you will find the link at the end of the paragraph!


Anonymous Joe said...

Welcome back. Do you have a link to the contacts thing? I'd love to see a photo or something.

11:10 AM  

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