Thursday, July 07, 2005

Come On US, News

-USA v Cuba tonite in the Gold Cup.
-Joe Cannon was named MLS Player Of The Week. He is a great keeper. The best in the league as a matter of fact. He is not related to Joe Bazooka, or Joe Rifle.
-The always brilliant Columbus Crew have converted just 1 of their last 5 penalty kicks at home. They shoot pk's just like they are coached. Dumb, Pathetic, & Boring, but with a nicely groomed beard.
-I am still trying to figure out why Metrostars signed not one by two known MLS hobos/malcontents: Home Mortgage Magnate Tony Meola, and retired amateur boxer (still wearing his in-ring headgear) Ryan Suarez. Does anyone know why?? Do you think its a Lalas thing, or a Bradley thing?
-The back and forth between Alexi Lalas of the Mets and Kevin Payne of DC over the future of Freddy Adu is quality stuff. I even read where someone else cracked the joke that this was actually a New York Times vs Washington Post battle. Let's see some damn blood then! Here is the Lalas stuff by Jack Bell, and here is the Payne stuff by Steven Goff.
-31 MLS players are on Gold Cup rosters as the tourney kicked off last night. Here are scores from the matches at the Orange Bowl in Miami (and we start off with a fairly large upset!!!!)
Columbia 0-1 Panama - fantastic result for the Canaleros - goal by Luis Tejada, with Panama's Jaime Penedo being named Man Of The Match.
Honduras 1-1 Trinidad & Tobago - goals scored by Christopher Birchall for T&T, and Maynor Figueroa for Hondu.
-Some one on the Guadalajara staff says that Francisco Palencia is on his way to signing with Chivas USA. A couple of defenders are rumored to be following.
-The first leg of the Copa Libertadores in not being shown in my area until tonite, so I will not be reading about it, or reporting on it until tomorrow.
-Steve Goff at the Washington Post got his hands on the "secret" list of salaries of MLS players. Freddy is not the highest paid player after all. He is THIRD, behind Landycakes and the Grown Ass Man.
-Netherlander Boudewijn Zenden has signed with Liverpool.
-Pat Noonan interview from US Soccer
-Chris Armas interview from US Soccer as well
-Pablo Mastroeni story at USA Today
-Bobby Convey interview with Yanks Abroad
-Thiago of the Chicago Fire had knee surgery last week to fix some torn cartilage. They hope he will be back around August 1.


Blogger Zathras said...

Re: Meola - I figure he's cheaper than Walker as a backup for Wells who's playing well, and it's closer to his Jersey home, so it works for Tony. I wish him the best.

Re: Suarez - probably just a cheap pick up to try ANYTHING other than Regan.

Re: Palencia - As much as I enjoy watching Chivas USA fail, I think Palencia will help. And if he brings defenders, it'll help more. I'm not really sure any more if that would be good for the league or not.

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