Friday, July 22, 2005

I Have Been Looking At So Many Pictures Today That My Eyes Are Blurry With News

-Honduras played a damn decent game last night against the good old USA, but not decent enough. The constant USA pounding paid off late and the victory tasted sweet (at least from where I was sitting). Attack Attack Attack. Thats what both teams did most of the night, but for some reason late in the match Honduras sat back to absorb the pressure. It didn't work. It hardly ever works against a superior opponent. I was watching with a housefull of people, one of them kept yelling something about "...if we can't beat Honduras...." I have never been able to figure out that attitude. For the most part, the Central American countries are damn good. Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador and now Panama all play at a good and sometimes great standard. Honduras is no exception. Final score USA 2-1 Honduras. USA goals by John O'Brien (Den Haag) in the 86th minute, and Oguchi Onyewu (Standard Liege) in the 90th. Hondu goal by Ivan Guerrero (Chicago Fire) in the 30th.
-Panama won the other Gold Cup semifinal in a shocker over Colombia 3-2.
-Gold Cup Final is USA v Panama on Sunday July 24 at 2pm central, live on Univision from the Meadowlands Giants Stadium in East Rutherford New Jersey.
-MLS Points Per Game Rankings:
(Since many MLS teams have played a differing amount of matches so far, it seems only fair to line the teams up by how many points they take per game on average. Cuz Chicago has played 20 games, and New England only 17, its not very equal to just settle it by total points.)
2.06 New England
2.00 FC Dallas
1.80 Chicago
1.63 San Jose
1.56 Los Angeles
1.53 Kansas City
1.44 DC United
1.39 Metrostars
1.00 Columbus
0.95 Colorado
0.72 Real Salt Lake
0.47 Chivas USA
-Eddie Johnsons new contract with FC Dallas was finally officially announced today. He is the second highest paid player in the league, behind Landy Cakes.
-A potentially great looking game on ESPN2 Saturday with Los Angeles hosting DC United. Live at 3pm central time. Later on that night its Real Salt Lake v FC Dallas on FSC at 830pm central time.


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